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Tapatia for Women


TAPATÍA is a Franco-Mexican brand of handcrafted footwear, leather goods and accessories for women and men. The word Tapatia means an inhabitant of the city of Guadalajara and comes from the word "tlapatiotl" in Nahuatl, an Aztec language, which corresponded to a barter system of the 17th century which emphasized fair trade. Over time this term was used by foreigners to designate the inhabitants of Guadalajara. The name Tapatia reflects the values ​​of fairness and integrity that TAPATÍA wishes to convey .The Tapatia items are designed in Paris and entirely handmade in craft workshops in Mexico. These are family-run workshops on a human scale where know-how has been passed on with passion for several generations. The concept of the brand is to modernise traditional Mexican craftsmanship by adapting it to current trends. The leather used is 100% cowhide aniline full grain leather, which preserves the characteristics and natural qualities of the authentic and durable leather, and TAPATÍA works only on leather of higher qualities from local tanneries.