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Scotria is a luxury handbag brand founded in 2015 and focused on creating objects of technical mastery and genuine quality to add to your personal collection. By working with the finest quality mink available, Scotria strives to push innovation while delivering an ultimately desirable variety of exclusive bags. All materials and hardware are meticulously selected for their quality and each piece is individually handcrafted by the most gifted and knowledgeable artisans in Italy. 

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SCOTRIA Interview


We sat down with SCOTRIA founder Jen Murray to pick her brain on everything from how she came to found the brand to what we can expect to see from SCOTRIA next…


1. Could you tell us about yourself? Where did you draw inspiration from?


My name is Jen Murray and I’m the founder of the brand. My main sources of inspiration come from craftsmanship, stitching, technique and people. As a result, SCOTRIA is designed and produced within a specific code of research, craftsmanship, innovative technique and detail. With a strong background in design and product development, SCOTRIA handbags are items of genuine quality and luxury.



2. Where did the inspiration for the name of the company come from?


Scottish/Austrian heritage, a mix of the two words (Scotland and Austria) in fact.



3. Are there any new design techniques or fabrics that you’ve introduced for the first time with your latest products?


Core to SCOTRIA’s approach is the development and extension of material manipulation. Working with a team of skilled Italian artisans SCOTRIA has introduced printed and pattern bleaches, alongside multi depth laser-cut techniques.



4. What countries are you currently manufacturing in? Are they specific to your company’s image?


Italy is any artisan’s benchmark manufacturing location. Our products are guaranteed to be produced to the highest specification and detail.



5. How would you describe the brand/products in one word?





6. Who is your product aimed towards? How would you describe your customer?


Definitely aimed at people with sensibilities… those who are arousing, aware, assured.



7. Can you talk us through the creative process behind the development of new products?


We consider creativity as excitement, and we have an ultimate love for detail and quality. Process is everything; we see, touch, feel, test and execute each product. What excites us at SCOTRIA is innovation, quality, stitching and finish. Research is organic and continuous, and each season we work with specialist tanneries, artisans and furriers to further our techniques and develop each handbag.



8. What makes your handbags unique?


Our handbags are niche products that bridge the gap between everyday items and accessible luxury. We strive to push innovation while delivering an ultimately desirable variety of exclusive bags.



9. Did you have any previous experience in fashion before starting the brand?


Prior to SCOTRIA’s launch, I was Head of Sampling/Development of an LVMH-owned luxury fashion house covering Men’s & Womenswear collections for numerous seasons.



10. What projects do you have in mind for SCOTRIA? Where do you want the brand to be 10 years from now?


We are currently in discussion with artists and photographers alike regarding future collaborations and very much look forward to solidifying our creative family in physical and editorial output. In 10 years time, SCOTRIA will have pioneered multiple material development & finishing techniques and collections will be released continuously throughout the year.



11. How has your work evolved since you began your own label?


SCOTRIA is now in its 3rd season and with that we are beginning to form a clearer understanding of brand signature and dialogue. We are able to formulate accurate specifications and briefs within the team and our suppliers, continuously optimising our process.