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saku is a New York-based contemporary womenswear brand, established by Lissa Koo, saku’s founder and chief designer, is a Parsons School of Design graduate who has run a concept store called York Avenue for many years. The motif for saku is both the chic New York sense and the easy, breezy West Coast atmosphere. While being a unique, never-seen-before style, saku offers ready to wear clothes that pursue both sportiness and femininity. saku showcases silhouette apparel that greatly emphasises a woman’s beauty along with comfortable fabrics that allow easy movement. 

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Saku interview


Saku is a contemporary womenswear brand based in NYC. The brand embodies the chic New York sense of style and the easy-going West Coast attitude. Overall, it showcases silhouette apparel that greatly emphasises a woman’s beauty along with comfortable fabrics that allow easy movement.


We had the opportunity of speaking with the founder and creative director Lissa Koo, who told us a little bit about herself and the brand.


1. What is the story behind the brand’s name?

First of all, the name sounds like mine; it’s a combination of my first and last name. It also means “blooming” in Japanese. So together they form the phrase “s a k u is blooming,” and this is a concept we really like and follow throughout our designs.



2. What aspects of your life do you draw inspiration from for the brand image and products?

I draw inspiration from both my love of the busy city life and the relaxing West Coast beaches. Our collections show a mix of the chic and easy-going sense of style from both locations. Combining the two different types of atmospheres gives off a never-seen-before look.



3. How would you describe your brand and customers?

Our product is aimed towards highly independent career women who are extremely busy yet never give up their passion for fashion. The company is financially backed by the S&S group from South Korea. S&S investments are helping to make s a k u a fashion version of Apple, recognised worldwide for the unique sense of style.



4. Can you develop on how you feel s a k u could be compared to Apple?

Like Apple, we are a worldwide company that has many followers waiting for the new collections to be released. People are willing to pay high prices for our items because they know they are investing in good quality. Apple’s new lines are always “never- seen -before,” which is an idea we follow. Finally, we are also extremely creative when it comes to our designs. These are just a few aspects that we consider can make us comparable to Apple.



5. Are there any new design techniques or fabrics that you’ve introduced for the first time with your latest products?

One of the new designs I’ve introduced for the first time is ‘mix-and-matching’ – a feminine yet sporty look with laces and neoprene fabrics.



6. What countries are you currently manufacturing in? Are they specific to your company’s image?

Currently we are manufacturing in South Korea, which is known for well-made products with a high quality finish. Something that is very important for us when creating new collections.



7. What has inspired your designs lately?

These days, I tend to get my inspiration from nature such as air, sky, oceans, woods, and forests.



8. Which fashion designers have inspired you?

Every season we have different inspirations from different designers. This year I felt a connection to the Japanese brand Sacai. We had a similar design idea regarding the mix-and-match of materials. They work with laces and casual silhouettes which can be interpreted as a mix between feminine and casual, similar to what we present.



9. How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

I cannot say it has evolved. However, I do feel the designs all follow the storyline of ‘femi-casual’; they are all different and new versions of each other. I look at them as individuals and admire them separately.


We’d like to thank Lissa for taking the time to answer our questions and teaching us about the ‘femi-casual’ style. We can’t wait to see the upcoming collections and how they interpret this style in a brand new way.