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Afew Jewels

Tihare Jacobs, the founder and designer of Afew Jewels had many roles under her belt - an artist contracted by the Vatican, a civil engineer, a fashion designer and an industrial designer to name a few. The incredible lineage of women in her family have helped to shape and influence her desire to create. Afew Jewels started with a desire for matching moments, experience, feeling and passion, distilled into singular design concepts. Four principles guide this philosophy: original design, high quality materials, personal relationships and happiness. Afew Jewels wants to go beyond the delivery of a single piece, they want their jewelry to become a part of customer's personal story. 

AFEW JEWELS interview


AFEW JEWELS is guided by four basic principles: original design, high quality materials, personal relationships and happiness. When creating jewellery, the brand wants to go beyond the delivery of a single piece and for their jewellery to become a part of the customer’s personal story.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the founder herself, Tihare Jacobs. In this interview we covered the origin of the brand, its style, and its future.


1. How did you get involved in jewellery design?

I studied Jewellery Design in São Paulo, Brazil for 2 years. Back then it was more of a hobby; I used to design pieces for my friends, family and for myself. When I moved to Spain I decided it was time to make something out of it. Many of my private clients kept telling me they loved what I did, so that’s where the journey started.


I’m a sensitive and creative woman that is passionate about finding the beauty in life. Designing jewellery comes naturally to me. I’m inspired by joyful moments and memories. I believe that jewellery can add to the uniqueness of life’s special moments.



2. What is the story behind the name of the brand?

The name “AFEW JEWELS” reflects my concept of creating a limited jewellery collection. Rather than following the limited seasonal fashion calendar, I offer unique and elegant designs that fit in women’s everyday.



3. What is the inspiration behind AFEW JEWELS’ style?

I really like and respect the idea of less is more: finding the beauty in simplicity. I love the idea of using one piece in several ways. AFEW JEWELS uses modern techniques blended with traditional final touches. In this way, we achieve an incredible and unique result for our customers.



4. Could you guide us through your creative process when coming up with a collection or product?

My creative process is pretty simple and straightforward. Before I allow any idea to fully manifest, I always ask myself, “Is this going to be a piece I would wear?” My designs are for women like myself: I demand the highest quality, a design that is unique, subtle, and something that I’m comfortable wearing everyday. I get inspired by life, with each day being different from the last, so I often pull my design ideas from the moment. When I see something that really grabs my attention – organic shapes, architecture, refracting light… anything really – I take a photo and go home to begin developing the piece.



5. What countries are you currently manufacturing in? Are they specific to your company’s image?

We only produce in Spain, everything from manufacturing to packaging. The idea is to keep all production close to our headquarters so that we can support the local community and ensure we deliver a high quality product.



6. Which designers have inspired you?

I have a lot of respect for Eva Fehren, specifically for her clean and basic design, always with an edge and a message. Nikos Koulis is so distinctive: reminiscent, but entirely modern. Mizuki has done some extraordinary work with pearls, which I adore.



7. How has your work evolved since you released your first product?

It’s funny because I can see very clearly the way my environment has influenced my design. Moving from Brazil to Europe has made quite an impact in my design evolution. When I began designing in Brazil, my pieces tended to be bolder with a lot of coloured gems and stones. I have always been very geometric, but after a few years in Europe, my pieces became more delicate, more refined, and more focused on the impact of the actual design, rather than the vibrancy of the piece. In my upcoming releases, I think you will see a more balanced blending of these two parts of my life.



8. Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the near future?

I would like to collaborate in some bridal collection with Naeem Khan.



9. What’s next for your company?

We are definitely excited about some of the plans we have for 2016. Even in the first few months of the year, we have executed a lot of important milestones for AFEW. I’m not yet ready to open the jewel box for our upcoming releases, but I feel confident that we have some really beautiful surprises for our customers and followers.


Thank you Tihare for taking the time to answer our questions. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your upcoming releases!