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Nosakhari for Men


Nosakhari imagines a world where the celebration of differences supersedes competition. For Nosa, the founder of the brand, designing pieces that one could wear as a point of differentiation from the crowd – turning heads in admiration over prejudice and aiding self-expression – has always been the driving ambition. Nosakhari focuses on igniting individuality and self-expression. This done through crafting luxury leather accessories that allow customers to stand out, birthing admiration over prejudice. Nosakhari is a team of passionate creatives working together towards one common goal. The brand's mission guides the team's working conduct, beginning with the designers – celebrating their unique talents and supporting personal growth. Each member of the team brings a unique skillset, and they never miss an opportunity to learn from one another. The team behind the brand has a genuine love for craft and the art of making and continually strives for excellence, valuing the process of becoming over acquiring. A testament to quality and originality, Nosakhari has evolved as a result of confronting the challenges of expressing individuality in today’s society. The philosophy behind the collections is to present functional yet eye-catching leather accessories that enable customers to celebrate their difference. Each collection intelligently juxtaposes the intricate with the simple, presenting desirable pieces to be worn as a point of differentiation from the rest of the crowd.