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La Charentaise TCHA for Men

La Charentaise TCHA

La Charentaise TCHA is a French brand created by Jean-Luc Bouriau. He decided to defend this product by preserving the expert “stitch and return” technique that characterises the Charentaise. The products are 100% natural and locally made, which guarantee their quality. The stitch and return technique, which has remained unchanged for more than 200 years, has been preserved using machines that have been adapted to today’s manufacturing requirements; the result is an exceptional product. The shape of the Charentaise has also been reworked to become fine and elegant. New ranges of Charentais have been produced: Aero (felt), Sunny (linen), Wooly Wooly (sheepskin), Ocho (wool felt), Gatsby (dipped lambs leather), and Pantoufle (felt and leather), a nod to the original slipper. The Charentaise is gradually breaking free and becoming a fashion accessory to be worn at home and outdoors. Here, traditional know-how meets design and each model is a designer creation.