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Anchor & Crew for Men

Anchor & Crew

Anchor & Crew is a British unisex bracelet brand particularly known for its fashionable anchor bracelets, stylishly durable rope bracelets, modern-naval jewellery and unique travellers' goods. The brand combines great British naval heritage with an innovative and contemporary style aesthetic. Designed and handmade in Great Britain, Anchors & Crew takes inspiration from mechanical and nautical objects, anchors and the general happy lifestyle to create innovative and industrial designs of modern unisex jewellery and high-quality goods. Timeless and purely British, all Anchor & Crew products are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to ensure high standards of quality. The brand operates a truly ethical, traceable and transparent supply chain with materials sourced from highly conscious sources. Each unique style is created using GB-Marine certified hand wound rope, natural and genuine leather and precious and semi-precious metals to turn industrial symbols into long-lasting and modern jewellery for men and women.