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AMANT is a watch brand founded in Sweden in 2013 by young watch enthusiasts with a humble goal of creating unique watches that can reach and inspire people all over the world. To achieve this goal AMANT set the task to not only create the best possible watches through immense focus on quality, design and material but also add a true meaning to each timepiece. The inspiration to all watches comes from cities and societies all over the world. The team visits each city and tries to gather as much of their respective atmospheres, exciting history, great culture and beautiful landmarks into AMANT 7mm thin watches guarded by surgical stainless steel case and flat sapphire crystal glass. Each watch tells a story and with its unique design, it is sure to be remembered.

Amant interview


We had the pleasure of sitting down with ASHKAN MIRGHADIRI, founder of minimalist watch brand Amant (Click the link to view the collection) to learn more about the brand and the design process.


1. Tell us about the concept behind Amant.


The simple words of Mark Twain (Explore, Dream, Discover) have captivated our minds. Perhaps because it speaks directly to the explorers that lie within us all. As genuine watch enthusiast we saw the opportunity to combine our passions and create something different. So we gathered a small team in Sweden and started working towards our goal to make a unique premium product.



2. What’s the reason you choose to design watches?


As enthusiasts we love the art of watches and know it’s much more than just a timekeeping instrument or even a fashion accessory. It often becomes a sentimental symbol that reminds us of exceptional moments in life such as achieving milestones, birth of a child, success, a thoughtful gift or even an heirloom.



3. Where do your design come from?


The aesthetics of a watch is of course important but we wanted to add another dimension to it by making the design meaningful. By gathering the heritage of places around the world as inspiration to our designs each watch tells a story.



4. What makes your design special?


Since all cities we visit are unique each of our timepieces have their own emblematic design. This creates an avant-garde look at the same time we cherish and honour their heritage. What almost all of them have in common is their rare mix of simplistic elegance and beautiful detail rich dials.



5. Where does the name AMANT come from?


The name AMANT is Latin and associated with the word love, so AMANT Paris can freely be translated to Love Paris. This is our way of honouring the heritage of these places.



6. Can you give us the story behind one of your designs?


Lets take Paris for example; it’s almost a magical city with a great combination of famous landmarks, stunning art, a centre for romance and the global capital of the fashion industry.


Fashion is of course a core part of the Parisian lifestyle, no matter if the apparel is prêt-àporter or haute couture the look is effortless yet full of details. That’s the same look we strive to achieve for the watch, effortless yet full of details.



7. How does you globetrotter philosophy influence the quality of your watches?


No matter if you’re climbing Mont Blanc, sailing past Portofino or white-water rafting in Fiume Noce all true explorers knows the importance of quality equipment during adventures. It could actually be the difference between life and death.


Although a watch probably won’t save your life, quality is a serious matter for us. That’s why we only use premium material such as surgical grade steel, calfskin leather and sapphire crystal glass to make sure all our watches handles the pressure during adventures.



8. Lastly, do you have anything to add?


The joy and learning experience of exploring new places, meeting people and discovering cultures are endless, that’s why we believe the world would be a slightly better places if we all listen to Mark: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”