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Little Wardrobe London

Little Wardrobe London

Little Wardrobe London is an exciting and chic collection of British designed children’s clothes. The brand likes to play with style, clash as well as match, and use a whimsical mix of cool wools, soft cottons and floating chiffons married with strong, bold silhouettes. The inspiration is drawn from many places, from fables and fairy tales to the most exquisite designs of times gone by, all brought up to date with a distinctive, yet playful twist. Timelessness is the brand's motto, as it merges together the two worlds of luxurious vintage and present day to create a fresh, unique look that children will love to wear. 

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Little Wardrobe London interview


Little Wardrobe London is a British brand for children’s clothes. It plays with style, clash as well as match, and uses a whimsical mix of cool wools, soft cottons and floating chiffons married with strong, bold silhouettes.


Ayesha Mirza, the founder and designer of Little Wardrobe London, has immersed herself in the world of children’s fashion and design for the past four years. It all began when she started to create clothes for her own three children.

We’ve been catching up with Ayesha and asked her a few questions about herself and her company.


1. Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get involved in the fashion world for children? Did you have any previous training?

Looking back I’d always had a fascination for all things miniature, and took a keen interest in styling and design, although I’d never formally trained in it. From the earliest memories I have of my childhood – the fairy tales my mother read to me, the books I grew up reading, the productions I would see at the theatre – all these things shaped my perception of British culture. It was the culture I loved, and wanted my own children to experience. Essentially, I found inspiration in many things – the energy of London itself, our heritage and the diversity of our culture. I first realised when my twins were very young that there was a vast market in childrens-wear, ranging from Gap to Gucci – from the every-day rough-and-tumble kind of clothes, to occasion-wear, and opulent, exquisite designer-wear. But within this huge spectrum of choice, there was very little that I felt represented the culture I had grown up with: the fairy tales and books that had been so influential throughout my childhood. So, it was then that I set about creating a clothing line to celebrate Britain’s heritage, eccentricity and individuality. It started by me making clothes for my own children, and then making small runs of clothes that I market tested. The response was overwhelming, and led me to where I find myself now.



2. Where did the name of the company come from?

The company name was inspired by one of my favourite childhood stories – The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, by CS Lewis. I loved the idea of opening the doors to another world. It is one of the most important elements of the brand, namely that we capture and ignite the imagination of children through the clothing. I believe that clothes can inform expression, inspire playfulness, and create the most magical of stories.



3. Can you guide us through your creative process?

In terms of the process, when it comes to design, for me it often starts with the silhouette; I see the shape of the garment, and the details follow that. But sometimes it starts with the fabric itself. What seems to come through unconsciously however is the influence of the wonderful fairy tales, stories and theatre inspired by our British culture. There is a clear Dickensian imprint in our S/S16 collection when you look at our Frock Coat and Victoriana Dress for instance.



4. How would you describe your customer?

Our product is aimed towards someone who expects great quality and appreciates classic style, with a twist! They seek exclusivity and want to own clothing that is authentically British. They care about how and where their clothes are being made. They are stylish and like to be noticed as well!



5. How would you describe your brand/products in one word?




6. Was there any collaboration throughout the brand’s history that you felt significantly shaped its evolution?

My ambition was to create a brand that was genuinely British, which meant not only British design and influence, but we also had to be British made. I spent a long time building up a dependable network of contacts, as well as collaborating with like-minded people who shared my passion and vision.

I worked with a fabulous designer called Mark Baker who designs for British Retro. He’s been working with London based factories for over 25 years and he helped bring some of my first designs to life, assisted in the pattern cutting process, the production of my first commercial collection and introduced me to a lot of influential people from buyers to consultants who work specifically with British brands.



7. What are your future plans for the brand?

I have been asked quite often if we would ever consider doing an adult line in certain styles, so that is something I’m researching and looking very seriously into developing. I’d also like to expand into accessories, and finding a signature scent that captures the hazy, romantic memories of childhood.


Thank you Ayesha for guiding us through the magic behind Little Wardrobe London! We’re excited to see more creations from you that will take us back to our childhood.