Put your Glad Rags on and Visit the Vintage Bars in London

Are you finding the idea of nightclubs less appealing lately? Or maybe you have never felt at home in a crowded club, with music blaring and people sweating? Well this doesn’t mean that nights out are passing you by, but instead that it’s time for an experience that’s a bit more you. It’s time to kick it old school and feel like you have stepped back in time for some of the quirkiest nights out around.


1940s bar in Kingly Court

Head to Kingly Court, London, to Cahoots for ‘a good old fashioned knees up.’ You will venture underground and be transported to the mid 1940s! Feel that post-war vibe consume you with a sense of fun, frolics and frivolities all wrapped up in a vintage setting.

Not only can you have a merry old time at Cahoots, but cockney karaoke nights, live music evenings and lunchtime squiffy picnics leave you spoiled for choice. For those special occasions, you could even hire out the venue. So if you’re a darling dame or a dapper chap, go underground for a spiffing time.

Mr Fogg’s of Mayfair

Mr Fogg's bar in Mayfair

Named after the famous character, Phileas. J. Fogg, from Around the World in Eighty Days, Mr Fogg’s is ‘the residence of the eccentric British adventurer.’ So take a trip to Mayfair and feel like you’re in a colourful storybook as you take in the poetic ambience.

In the summer you can even hire out the beautiful, botanical garden and gaze at the traditional yet whimsical setting filled with flowers and pretty things… That’s next year’s summer party sorted!

If you can’t wait until the summer, the evening drinks are amazing; a fancier way to have a great night out than just venturing to your local pub. You can always book the ‘tipsy tea’ and combine the sophisticated with the silly!

Little Nan’s Deptford Bar

Little Nan's Deptford Bar in Deptford South London

It’s as cute as its name suggests… why not head there for an evening tipple? The décor is gorgeous, with a lovely attention to detail. You can have cocktails in teapots, fashionable coffees and yummy, scrummy cakes; just like a slightly eccentric nan having a great time in a sea of doilies.

You don’t just have to pop round in the evening, you can go there all day if you like… with tea and cake on tap.

If you want to hire the venue, Little Nan’s Tropical Den looks like some kind of retro dream. Think of the fun you could have in the treasure trove that is Little Nan’s, filled with prints, lights, pictures and cuddly toys. The fashionable clutter is perfect for the theme and it’s such a treat for the eyes! No more looking at boring walls and carpets. Eat, drink and be merry just like Little Nan would want.

Goat Chelsea

Goat Chelsea on Fulham Road

The Chelsea Prayer Room is the perfect place for a night out. Upon entry, you will be given a special passcode so you can get in for your secret evening.

With a designer yet rustic feel, not only can you drink some delicious cocktails, but you can also eat some delicious Italian inspired food. As well the standard eating and drinking, you can have a themed cocktail making lesson so you will be able to impress all your friends!

It is also a lovely place for kids, with children’s entertainers and a room to hire for a little one’s party.

The Little Yellow Door

The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill

Go to Notting Hill, but instead of looking for the blue door, head straight to the yellow. Inspired by ‘the comings and goings’ of flatmates, drinks and food, each of which contribute to the theme; a theme of different nationalities, different flavours and different ideas. Because of this, the food and drinks are anything but boring. Just looking at pictures of the dishes or reading the menu will make you instantly hungry!

Yellow really seems like the friendliest colour, and the staff at The Little Yellow Door have a friendly ethos. All the friendliness is wrapped by colouful and vibrant walls, furniture, books and well… everything! It is just a fun and lively place to go.

Rise 46

Rise46 on Battersea Rise

In Battersea Rise, you can find a 1920s, Gatsby inspired bar which is fantastically full of indulgence. No prohibition here; instead the bar is full of tasty cocktails with an array of flavours, which even includes some of your favourite retro sweets.

Think flapper-girl, jazz, beads and Charlie Chaplin and while you are sipping your alcoholic, candy tasting drinks you can listen to live music and basically just have a great night flashing back to the roaring 20s.

Three Six Six

Bar Three Six Six on St. John's Hill

For all you social butterflies out there, this bar in Clapham North is for you. The butterfly has become the emblem and mascot for this bar, because as they say: ‘If everything stayed the same, there would be no butterflies.’

Along with the beauty of the butterfly, the bar promises to delight with its décor. This includes a mixture of many beautiful things and even wallpaper by Christian Lacroix (we can’t help but wonder what the price per roll is!). But it is all part of the theme to delight.

The cocktails really are a treat! An experiment with flavours to pleasure your taste buds, Three Six Six takes pride in their menu, stating: ‘There really is something for everyone on our new menu. From cocktails laced with everything from Parma ham to mango pearls, we left no stone unturned in making the most fun and creative cocktails we could.’

Intrigued? Well why not pop down?

Trader Vic’s

Trader Vic's on Park Lane

The history of Trader Vic’s began in California in the 1930s and has since become popular all over the world and has even managed to make its way to Park Lane, London, which is where you can find this one.

The décor is very tropical chic, with tikis and wicker everywhere. The tropical theme is also included in the cocktail and food menu, which will leave you feeling transported to a distant island! As well as this, you can hear up and coming artists perform to add to the fun and fresh feeling of Trader Vic’s!

So, now you have read the list, your next few birthdays, work events and nights out are sorted! Don’t forget to send us pics when you go!