Places to visit in Capri

Capri is the dream destination if you’re looking to relax and eat delicious food while enjoying the spectacular landscape. Located in the Gulf of Naples, the Italian island is famous for its landscape, upscale beach resorts and high-end shops selling handmade leather sandals. Oh, lets not forget it’s the home of the delicious Limoncello liqueur! One of Capri’s most known natural sites is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea looks electric blue because of the small amount of sunlight that manages to slip into the cave.

Whether you’re there to explore the beautiful beaches and caves that surround Capri, or to sit by the poolside sipping on a glass of rose, the island is definitely worth a visit. To help highlight some of our favourites, we’ve listed a few of the best sites you shouldn’t miss out on.


Blue Grotto

You might be thinking this photo has been enhanced… well, think again! It has not been retouched, what you see is a grotto distinguished by its crystal clear water with bright blue and silver glares. Hop onto a wooden rowboat, lay back and let yourself be carried under a meter-high cave. When you go into the cave your eyes will have to adjust to the darkness, only to reveal a sparkling cave lit by bright blue water. This is a must see site, you haven’t been to Capri if you don’t see the Blue Grotto. To visit this cave you must make sure you are part of an organised tour because its only accessible through small rowboats that can hold up to a maximum of four passengers. Unfortunately, visitors can’t swim in the cave but the sight itself will make this excursion worth while. We recommend you visit the cave between noon and two in order to witness those spectacular reflections. Avoid visiting the grotto on overcast days as you need the sunlight in order to achieve that dramatic looking water.



Faraglioni in Italian means stacks of oceanic rock eroded by waves. Just looking at these enormous spurs of rock rise up out of the sea is enough to take your breath away. Each rock has been given a name: the one still attached to the land is called Stella, the second which is separated from the first block by a stretch of sea is called Faraglione di Mezzo, and the third one is called Faraglione di Fuori, or Scopolo, meaning the one stretching into the sea.

Similar to Blue Grotto it is possible to visit them in a boat tour that goes around the island. You may enjoy an organised tour or you can opt for an individual tour which is ideal if you have time to spare. If you decide to go on an organised tour keep in mind that this tour takes around 1 to 2 hours and costs around 17 Euros per person. Ideal if you are running on a tight schedule. But if the weather is nice and sunny and you want to take your time circling the island, you go on an individual tour, or if you are more adventurous you can even rent a boat without a crew for the day.


Faraone Mennella

Go visit the Faraone Mennella boutique for a spot of shopping. Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio are the award winning Naples designers behind FARAONE MENNELLA. They draw inspiration for their acclaimed jewellery collections from the classical Italian heritage. The duo ran into Patricia Field, an American costume designer and stylist, in New York City while shooting of the TV series Sex & The City was taking place. With the blessing of Patricia the duo started to gain recognition, and luxurious stores started to stock Farone Mennella jewels. Amedeo and Roberto have created iconic pieces for movies such as The Devil Wears Prada, Sex & the City, Wall Street, It’s Complicated, When in Vegas and some TV shows as well. After starting their business in New York, they opened boutiques in London and Capri. Their jewellery ranges from everyday wear to more elaborate couture pieces, regardless, each one of their creations stays true to their traditional Italian style with a New York twist. So if you are looking to take back a wearable souvenir, take a peek inside their boutique. You will definitely find something unique and it will become a perfect memento of your Italian holiday.


Le Grottelle

You can’t go to Capri without eating at Le Grottelle. Famous for its terrace overlooking Sorrento and its traditional Italian dishes, this family-owned trattoria is certainly worth a visit. The restaurant stands on an impressive rock formation shaped by erosion and is only 10 minutes away from Arco Naturale, a natural arch located on the east coast of the island. Having a meal at Le Grottelle is an ideal reward for those arriving at the arch after having climbed the 120 steps at the end of the coastal walk. The exclusive setting, the best of traditional local cuisine, and the friendly service make a meal here a truly exceptional experience. Usually the restaurant will serve a custom antipasti plate with grilled vegetables and mozzarella to start the meal. As for the main courses, the is a wide variety of pasta and traditional recipes such as Parmigiana to choose from. This restaurant is perfect for late lunch/early dinner while watching the sunset.


Pulalli Wine Bar

Near the clock tower of the famous Capri square, in the late nineteenth century, a small Locanda (inn) accommodated the first island visitors. Today, it has been transformed into the Pulalli Wine Bar. Here customers can taste a glass of local wine on the terrace facing the Piazzetta on one side, and Monte Solaro and the Bay of Naples on the other. Fabrizio Arbace, the owner, offers his guests a wide range of Italian wines with tasty appetisers and dishes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. This cuisine consists of a balance between rural ingredients such as pasta, vegetables and cheese, and seafood such as fish, crustaceans and mollusks. It is open for lunch and dinner until the late hours every day except for Tuesday. If you are on a romantic getaway it is possible to arrange a private dinner on a balcony.


Villa Jovis

If you’re in the mood for hiking, the two kilometres walk from Capri town that leads into Villa Jovis is exactly what you are looking for. The Villa is situated in the very northeast part of the island atop Monte Tiberio; its 334 m elevation makes it the second-highest peak of Capri, after Monte Solaro in AnaCapri. The villa was first built in the first century B.C. and was appealing due to its position on the cliff’s edge, which guaranteed both privacy and security for Emperor Tiberius. Within the site boundaries of Villa Jovis, one finds the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso. If the small entrance fee of two euros isn’t appealing enough, the incredible panorama once you get to the top will definitely make this hike worth it.


Marina Grande

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is certainly Marina Grande. It is near the touristic port and the picturesque houses surrounding the area have maintained the original structure that characterise Capri’s fishermen residences. It is the biggest beach on the island and is equipped with beach chairs and umbrellas. Whenever you want to go back to the upper side of the island, there’s a funicular that connects Marina Grande with Piazzetta. We recommend you get to the beach early as it can get very crowded especially during the high tourism seasons. Not only that, but because of its proximity to the port it’s the go-to beach for arriving tourists. So make sure you set an early alarm to ensure you get there in time to get a spot on the beach.


Gelateria Buonocore

If you are walking within the city centre and get hit with a mesmerising scent of freshly prepared waffles, then we suggest that you follow that scent because it will lead you to a traditional Neapolitan gelateria. This artisanal gelato shop includes traditional flavours as well as unique pastry specialities. Some of these include the Caprese cake, a local chocolate and almond cake, lemon-based pastries and handmade gelato served in fresh waffle cones or bowls. If you are looking for a place to pass the afternoon heat after a long day at the beach look no further! Gelateria Buonocore is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy local desserts.


L'arte del Sandalo Caprese

Antonio Viva’s designs have graced the feet of Sophia Loren among others. This tiny boutique from 1958 offers handmade sandals in several colours and shapes. Viva has created styles suitable for all personalities and occasions. Most importantly, he skillfully reinvented the art of sandal making as he binds both 100% Italian materials like genuine leather with jewellery embellishments. You can choose a pair there or if you are happy to wait a few weeks he’ll design and ship out a unique pair for you! These sandals will guarantee to add a special detail to your summer look.

So there you have it! Our must see shops, restaurants, beaches and other local attractions that are worth visiting in the Italian island of Capri. Make sure you try many of the local delicacies, and yes we also mean the Limoncello. Also don’t forget to bring some sunblock and a waterproof camera for when you visit the beautiful Blue Grotto.


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