Places to Visit This Winter

With a change of winds comes a change of heart. As we leave summer and enter the depths of autumn, it can be difficult not to get a bit downhearted. The blue skies and warm evenings are drawing to a close and the return of your favourite winter coat comes with mixed emotions. The bbq gets put away and out come the jumpers to hide your fading tan. If you want to escape the dreary air of autumn and get away whilst avoiding the summer tourists, we have found the perfect spots. We’ve put together a list of places to visit where you can still top up your suntan even in the depths of October.

Places to Visit – Cancun


As a Caribbean city with a very active nightlife, Cancun has a lot to offer. Whether you want to lounge on the luscious white sand beaches or rave with the best of them, Cancun has it all. Whilst it is known for its phenomenal views, why not go a little deeper and explore the world’s second largest barrier reef as well. Aquaworld offers a number of activities including snorkelling, diving, fishing and parasailing. Even in November, the average temperature is around 25 degrees making this the perfect getaway for A/W.

Places to Visit – Maldives


On the topic of tropical paradises, the Maldives are perfect for a getaway. With 80 tourist islands, there’s plenty of choice. They are renowned for their diving opportunities as they have beautiful and very clear waters. With over 2,000 species of fish, snorkelling is a unique adventure. Hot, dry weather returns to the Maldives as the wet season ends in October. Moreover the sea temperature is, on average, 22 degrees and so perfect for taking a dip. As it is located in the Indian ocean, the Maldives have a mix of culture and cuisine. They have Indian, Sinhalese and Arab influences making it a very culturally diverse country.

Places to Visit – Bratislava

Places to Visit - Bratislava


Although an unusual choice, Bratislava has stunning Christmas markets. Perfect for really late in the year and if you’re trying to find that special something. European Christmas Markets really offer a unique experience that you won’t forget. This is because the whole city becomes alive with a feeling of Christmas and all over, Christmas carols can be heard. You can find wonderful nick knacks in the beautiful wooden stalls and you can’t help but get carried away by the Christmas spirit.

Places to Visit – Salzburg

Places to Visit - Salzburg

Salzburg is a place like no other. On the Austrian/German border the unique architecture and atmosphere make the whole city feel magical. With a number of palaces, the Mirabell gardens and Christmas markets in the winter, Salzburg should be on the top of everyone’s “To Visit” list. As the birthplace of Mozart, there are a number of museums dedicated to him. Not only this, but you have a rare choice of how to explore the city. Whether it’s on foot, by horse-drawn carriage, bike or bus you will have a charming time.

Places to Visit – Banff

Places to Visit - Banff


Located in the Rockies, Banff is a stunning ski resort in Canada. Known for it’s incredible views and its 6,500 square kilometres of parkland, you will be truly at one with nature here. As a world heritage site you are guaranteed beautiful scenes. Although not the warmest holiday destination, this is a great getaway. If you grow bored of skiing, the Banff mountain film festival is open form the 28th October – 6th November. With the backdrop of glistening mountains, the festival explores profound journeys and unusual adventure told by internationally renowned photographers, journalists and explorers – to name a few. Banff is most definitely going to give you an experience like no other.

Places to Visit – Cape Town

Places to visit Cape Town


Cape Town is famous for its Table Top Mountain. Formed during the Ice Age, giving it that unique flatness on top, this has been an attraction for many and has given 24 million visitors – including Queen Elizabeth II – an unforgettable experience. You can now get a cable car up to the top and overlook the beautiful city. Cape Town is for those with an adventurous spirit. From safari parks to swimming with sharks Cape Town has a lot to offer. You have offers of running and cycling tours to make sure you get the most from your visit and that you can thoroughly explore everything this city has to offer. The temperature doesn’t dip below 20 degrees, a perfect change from the wind and rain of September. With such incredible history you should never give up the chance to see Cape Town.

Places to Visit – Langkawi

Places to Visist - Langkawi

Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 island off the coast of Malaysia. The largest of the islands is Palau Langkawi. It has developed beach towns such as Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah but you will also find stunning sights in Kuah. You will find the largest mosque on the island here which is stunning and well know for its golden roof. However, its most well known attraction is Eagle Square (in the photo above). There are statues depicting the islands myths and legends which are unmissable. One must see is the sky bridge which overlooks the waterfalls. It is  2,300ft above sea level, and only accessible by cable car, giving the most unique sights over the island.

We hope these ideas have made you rethink your winter plans of staying in with your soup on a wet weekend. With our range of choices, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect getaway from our selection. Although not all of them are places that are warm, they all have something unique to offer.