The Fashion Books Every Stylish Girl Needs

Instagram, blogs, online and print magazines are all great for short term use and appreciation. But soon after, you are already in search of the next trend and quick fashion hit. We suggest to widen your horizon and knowledge base in the most enriching and old-fashioned way – books! Here are some of our recommendations for fashion books every stylish girl needs to read.


Alexa Chung’s IT

Alexa Chung IT book

Alexa Chung is notable for being in the centre of the fashion industry as a model and British fashion designer, who is a regular on the ‘best-dressed’ lists. After being an inspiration to many women, the lady of Chinese descent chose to write a book on style that she was unaware would make it to ‘the top 10 best sellers’ – The IT book.

IT targets her direct followers and fan. It draws in an audience that is already interested in fashion and cares about style and appearance. Alexa Chung provides lots of advice in her book. Her one of a kind book begins by talking about her personal influences such as grandpa ‘Kwan’ and the Spice girls. She converses about her figures of obsession, being Jane Birkin and Annie Hall, and reflects on heartbreak. Feel the luxury and creativity of the contributing editor of British Vogue, as her notes and images of nights out are presented in real cloth, with hand-crafted marbled end pages covered in polka dots, stripy head and tail bands and creamy paper.

The book has received outstanding reviews from popular fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan who stated, ‘If you love Alexa Chung, buy it. If you are interested in fashion and style, buy it. If you’re after a book full of pretty pictures and inspo, buy it.’ Her volume is a strong reflection of her bubbly, outgoing personality with advice that will attract many more readers.


How to be a Parisian: Wherever you are

How to be Parisian Wherever you are

Only true Parisiennes can really tell you how to take on the lifestyle, look and love life of one. If you are a sucker for Paris and all the romance that comes with the stereotypical styles and ‘les repas francais,’ then look no further. This book is a roundup of comic information on clothes, make up, men, culture and lifestyle – strictly for ages 20-35.

From advising you on how to deal with boyfriend trouble, how to be mysterious and sensual; Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan and Sophia Mas will guide you into living like a French woman. They reveal their address book in Paris for where to go at the end of the night, for a birthday, for a smart date, for vintage finds and much more. Who could resist wanting to adopt more of a chic and sophisticated Parisian way of living?! The book is split into paragraphs and short sentences from the four ladies, all including their own advice. It therefore makes it a quick and easy book to read. At the end, they have added short French recipes; therefore highlighting and embracing the culture furthermore. Follow up on ‘How to be Parisian: wherever you are‘ with its endless list of advice on love, the do’s and don’t’s, living, eating, and work.


Gio_Graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion

Gio graphy Serious fun in the Wild World of Fashion

Her free-spirited demeanour and her exuberant taste in fashion (which might make you think she is Anna Dello Russo’s twin), is what made this Italian fashion editor and stylist’s book stand out. Giovanna Battaglia‘s book title embodies her personality, GIO_GRAPHY. So expect to be wowed with a personal touch of her creative guide on how to dress for every occasion. Finding fashion inspiration, living stylishly, and most importantly having fun while doing all of the above. Giovanna is known for being very bold and forward going with her fashion sense and street style. Covering style and beauty for daytime, night time, travel and work; her book addresses realistic scenarios and problem solving.


Giovanna Battaglia-Street style wear

She has added a section on ‘how to deal with fashion emergencies’ – tips and tricks inspired by her friends who are also a part of the fashion industry; Carolina Herrera, Derek Blasberg and others. Dive into this VOGUE and photography book and get lost in the world of la mode, as it fills your mind with stylish ideas; encouraging you to live your most glamorous life. After only being published in September 2017, the successful book is already temporarily out of stock on the only UK site you can purchase it from – Amazon. This therefore speaks volumes for the book, so do not waste any time and get your hands on this must have book by the iconic senior fashion editor of Vogue Japan.


Penny Chic: How to Be Stylish on a Real Girl’s Budget

Penny chic How to be stylish on a real girl's budget

Being stylish does not necessarily mean owning the most expensive garments. It means being able to work with what you have and create new, refreshing, and fashionable ensembles. Learn how to feel and especially look good without spending an excessive amount of money, with fashion stylist and blogger; Shauna Miller’s book, Penny Chic: How to Be Stylish on a Real Girl’s Budget. Not only does it teach you how to put outfits together without spending a fortune, but it educates you on how to find and recycle old pieces. The fashion industry is the 2nd most environmental polluter globally, and through recycling and up cycling, celebrities such as Emma Watson have proven you can create killer outfits while being environmentally conscience. Watson’s dazzling Elie Saab gown for the premiere of Beauty and the Beast was a recycled dress from leftover fabrics. Shauna’s book gives young women a million ideas and encourages you to figure out your own personal style. A true stylish girl will invent new outfits and embrace such beauty.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got some reading to do…