Saraandcatherinetales: Sara Quaglia Interview

As part of our #InfluencerSeries, we got to catch up with mother, blogger, foodie, photographer and so much more – Sara Quaglia: Sara and Catherine’s Tales (@saraandcatherinestales). Find out some interesting facts about Sara below.

Sara Quaglia Interview - Sara and Catherine's Tales

Can you tell us a bit about the story behind your blog?

In 2014, after becoming a mum, I felt the strong need to have a little something for myself. I wanted to create an outlet where I could showcase my passion and a blog seemed the right way to go. I’m very social and love to network: thanks to my blog I have daily interaction with my followers and I really like that. My blog started as a hobby but, over the years, it slowly evolved into something more and at present it’s something to which I dedicate all my spare time. It is hard work but extremely rewarding and something I’m truly passionate about.


What do you like most about sharing your blogging experience with your children?

I love that we will have a lot of pictures to look at in the future. I’m always trying to improve my photographic skills, it’s a learning curve and there is so much to know about photography. If I didn’t have my blog, all of these pictures would just be sitting on a memory stick and barely ever seen. Having a blog means that I can always go and flip through the different stages of my kids’ lives.


Out of – Interior Design, Fashion & Beauty, Kids, Expat life and Food, which is your favourite section to work on and why?

That is such a difficult question as I honestly don’t have a favourite! The topics I cover reflect my main passions (yes, I have many) so I couldn’t really pick one. However, for each one of these topics, there is always one post that I get more excited about. Perhaps because of a particulary interesting event I attended or because the pictures turned out great.


Sara Quaglia Interview - Hero

What do you think people should know about mothers who blog?

I think that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the blogging world in general. I think people often underestimate the huge workload: you have to be a photographer, a writer, a content creator and much more! It is a bit disheartening when people tell you how lucky you are for getting products to review or to attend cool events. The reality is that all of that comes from hard work; there is much more behind a picture. Also for mothers who blog, it can be hard to juggle everything as, a lot of us, blog while being at home caring for the kids and it’s not always easy to find the right balance.


How would you describe your style?

I would say quite classic/traditional. I love floral patterns and girly clothes. I don’t like trousers at all and I’m obsessed with bags and heeled shoes that I never get to wear! Running after my tiny duo in heels is not really the easiest thing to do although I’m trying to train my self at it.


Has your style changed since becoming a mother if so how has it changed?

I haven’t changed my style since becoming a mum. However carrying two kids has surely left some signs on my body. That is why I try to buy pieces that can better flatter my figure: being petite I opt for short dresses and I avoid pencil fits as I know I won’t look good in them.

Sara Quaglia home - Sara and Catherine's Tales

What are some of your wardrobe must haves?

Dresses! I love them. They are so comfortable to wear and your outfit is complete with just one piece, a total winner for me!


What is the one fashion item you were obsessed with in your youth and what is the one fashion item you are currently obsessed with?

In my youth I was obsessed with bags and still am! However I’m switching my preferences towards dresses and shoes at the moment. On my shopping list for the upcoming season I have a pair of ankle boots (still looking for the perfect one), a wrap coat and a tartan dress.


What is your favourite piece from THEN AND NOW Shop?

The Urban Touch lace detailed velvet dress as I love velvet this season: it has such luxurious and opulent texture. Another piece I love is the Clemence Flane bag in green: it is a perfect autumnal shade and is such a lovely feature to any outfit.

Sara Quaglia Interview - Apples

Out of all the places you have travelled, what is your favourite holiday destination?

The States without a doubt. We went there for our honeymoon and it was such a memorable experience. The scenery was breathtaking and I can’t wait to return with my children.


Which destinations would you suggest to mothers who want to travel with their children?

Italy is surely great for kids. Not too far to reach and with a variety of choice, it is the perfect destination for everyone as it offers something for each taste really. Added bonus is the great food!

Sara Quaglia Interview - Printed Dress
Sara Quaglia is wearing the Lace Detailed Velvet Dress by Urban Touch
Sara Quaglia velvet dress