Winter Outfit Ideas

Winter is well and truly here folks, and many of you may be finding yourself looking into your wardrobe wondering what to wear this season.

In the summer you probably were all about light billowy materials and bright colours. Winter however is quite the opposite. Chunky decadent fabrics and deep rich colours make up the perfect winter wardrobe.

This season’s trends have seen designers mix textures: elements of leather, suede and fur can often be seen in the same outfit.

This blog will serve as a guide for how you too can incorporate some of the major winter trends this year. There will be example looks for Formal evening/day, night out looks and casual street wear.

Winter Outfit Ideas: Formal Evening Wear

It can be difficult finding an evening gown appropriate for the colder weather, especially in the age of the naked dress.

Morella Sassoon gowns however are fantastic for all your winter needs, our favourite being the 1. Elena Shaped Fishtail Gown.

With its high neckline and absence of any crazy slits, not only does the dress remind us of more vintage styles but also it will most definitely keep you warmer than the more skin baring dresses popular amongst high-street shops.

You might be concerned that the dress is black. Winter is the only time of the year where you can wear all black without the glaring look of judgments. Seize the opportunity!

Besides, black is flattering for all and the colour’s simplicity compliments the delicate pale gold embroidery that makes this dress so stunning.

If finding a winter-appropriate gown is difficult, finding a coat suitable for a gown is doubly hard. Capes have been a big feature on the runways of late. They’re elegant, light and can dress up any outfit. That’s why for this winter gown look we recommend the 2. Aida cape by Hemyca.

Like the dress, capes remind us of a romanticised point in history (think Jane Austin). We love the Aida cape because of the delicate lace detail on the front panel.

Winter Outfit Ideas Winter Formal Day Wear - Then and Now

When worn together the flare of the cape looks fantastic against the fishtail silhouette of the Sassoon gown…  A match made in evening gown heaven.

Because the dress is so long, we wouldn’t worry about a really showy shoe. Instead, the 3. Storm Black Pumps by OYSBY will work fabulously for the rare occasions your feet show in this gown.

The shoe is also extremely versatile and can be worn with most outfits. 4. Ella Rabener’s ‘triangle ostrich leather clutch in black’ is the perfect clutch to go with this look.

The signature subtle hammered gold triangles on the purse match beautifully with the pale gold beadwork on the dress.

The patterned leather also adds that little extra texture to the look.

Winter Outfit Ideas: Winter Formal Day Wear

Varying shades of nude and pink have been popular this season. If you opt for colour in your winter wardrobe, you could always try some more muted colours.

We would even go so far as to say that cool pastel colours, the ones you may have reserved for spring and summer, are admissible in some winter looks.

1. Badgley Mischka’s tweed cami dress is the perfect example. Its pale pink tweed fabric with blue undertones is a great alternative to the darker colours typically popular in winter.

The dress is fitted at the knees so maintains a formal air despite the flirty shade, while the tweed fabric is great for cold winter days.

The fit, colour and inset chiffon belt that accentuates the waist, all hint towards more retro 60s inspiration – a theme prominent on recent runways.

Winter Outfit Ideas Winter Formal Day Wear - Then and Now

With this dress you will probably want a warmer layer. That’s why we recommend this 2. Av by Adriana Voloshchuk two tone wool blend coat.

Layering the oversized coat on the fitted cami dress makes for a great effect, with the coat utilising bold graphic contrasts of grey and pastel pink that go perfectly with the dress.

3. The Savoy Mist handbag by Jack French London continues the theme of bold contrasts with the pale blue accents offset by the grey leather.

To tie this look together we recommend the beautiful 4. OYSBY Storm Nude Pumps.

Winter Outfit Ideas – Casual Wear

When it comes to chic and comfortable street wear you want something that is neither uncomfortably thick or two thin.

For this reason ewe recommend 1. Sans Black Kimono Sweatshirt.

The long sleeved ribbed jumper will keep you warm enough for days you feel like dressing light, perhaps pair with a fitted leather jacket.

But equally for those colder winter days for extra warmth you can employ the popular trend of layering and throw on 2. RAUL Cape made of alpaca wool with leather pockets.

It’s a coat that can be dressed up and down; its simplicity means that it can be paired with anything.

Winter Outfit Ideas - Casual Wear - Then and Now

You can never go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, though sometimes it feels as if you have an endless supply of the same pair.

If you’re looking for something a little different, or dare I say even more versatile then the average (already versatile) jean we recommend 3. Bleulab’s Dark Blue Denim And Black Waxed Reversible Jeans.

With these jeans you have the option of beautiful dark blue denim that would compliment our suggested items for this look. Or for days where you may feel edgier you could opt for the black-waxed side, giving more of a biker chick look.

To add that special touch we picked 4. De Siena’s Nam Shiny Oxford Flats. Whilst the general look is casual it adds that little bit of formality that makes this look so street chic. 4. Raoul Marion Tote in Croc Grey.

Winter Outfit Ideas – Party Wear

There’s no other season where you can wear leather trousers comfortably.

For those who were looking for an edgier look, perhaps for that night out you’ve been looking forward to then we have to suggest these 1. Stefanie Renoma Stretch Skinny Trousers In Black Leather.

With zips by the ankle these trousers can easily be rolled up to suite your preference.

Winter Outfit Ideas – Party Wear - Then and Now

If you’re a fan of the leather trend and want to commit to an edgy fashion statement, we recommend pairing these trousers with Hemyca’s beautiful 2. Edith Oxblood Leather Top. The deep shade of purple being bang on trend.

To stay warm whilst you’re in transit why not pair your oxblood top with 3. SANS Grey and Navy Blue Coat to complete your leather look bound to turn heads on a night out. 4. OYSBY Shirley Multi-Strap Open Sided Boots. 5. Harlem Carter little follie clutch.

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