White Tie Dress Code

Love them or hate them, weddings happen, and we are definitely immersed in the craziness that is wedding season. Whether you’re the girl that loves to dance, or remains glued to your table, you know you have to dress well for weddings. Think of the eyes that would watch you as you approached the bar or food table. Finding what to wear for a wedding can usually depend on the theme the couple has chosen. When there isn’t one however, trying to come up with an outfit can be time consuming and stressful. The colour pattern you choose can determine your entire outfit. No pressure right? Here are some simple yet sophisticated white tie dress code and outfits suitable for wedding guests, and it’s all about the colours.

White Tie Dress Code: Neutral Tones

White Tie Dress Code - Neutral Tones

Body Frock is known for its elegant dresses and lace detailing which happens to be perfect for wedding outfits. Neutral themes work for the guest as it does not draw too much attention, staying within the borders of sophistication. We selected this lace dress from the brand, pairing it with a pair of beige and white high heeled shoes. This colour scheme especially stuns with gold jewellery. For a delicate touch, style the outfit by coupling Afew Jewels rose gold bracelet and some spike drop earrings. At weddings, the weather is usually pleasant so you may need a pair of sunglasses that are a little more subtle. Established has a range of easy to style sunglasses like this Circo SL crystal pair. This neutral toned outfit is glamorous and understated… we think it’ll suit the occasion well.

White Tie Dress Code: Bright and Beautiful

White Tie Dress Code - Bright and Beautiful

Using neutral colours is just one example of how you can style a sophisticated wedding outfit. If you want to be somewhat more upbeat in your choices, then a bright colour is still suitable. Some may think that this shade of green for example would be too distracting to wear. Styled with the right accessories however, this colour highlights the complexion of the skin. It is also an easy wearable colour for weddings that fall during the transition into autumnal seasons as it is not overly dark. Ethologie’s Eunice maxi gown in this colour can be paired with metallic silver low heeled sandals to keep focus on the gown. For this look, keep the silver themed accessories going with CFconcept’s Tusk ear studs and Aura cross orbit ring. Finally, a bright and beautiful look would not be complete without a metallic coloured clutch bag. Imachic’s silver clutch is picture-perfect.

White Tie Dress Code: Pastel Perfection

White Tie Dress Code - Pastel Perfection

Pastels were a big trend during the summer and are famous for being a part of weddings somewhere or another. The flowers, bridesmaid dresses or table setting can reflect this theme. And though you may be cautious when wearing this colour as a guest, the category of a lace pastel dress may have an opening for you. If it does, Body Frock is calling your name, again. This high neck dress in cashmere blue is different from the usual style of a dress you might wear to a wedding. As a little bonus, the elaborate lace neckline means you don’t have to bother with a necklace, the dress provides all the details for you. For arm and hand jewellery you have more freedom. Milligram Paris’s yellow cocoon gold ring is a simple addition to the look as well as Edge of Ember’s Chrystie bangle. Gold is an alternative for jewellery in this look. The easy option would be silver but these pieces are more daring to wear, especially as the dress makes a statement. De Siena’s Cersei Mules sandals in white are an example of a neutral shoe that can be worn with most wedding outfits.

White Tie Dress Code: Earthy Vibes

White Tie Dress Code - Earthy Vibes

Earthy and neutral tones have a few differences. You can wear an earthy toned outfit without being dull or boring. Earthy toned palettes have the advantage of always being on trend and matching with whatever skin, eye or hair colour. Ideal for piecing something together for last minute invitations or when you have no clue where to begin. This Begonia Tulle dress matches De Siena’s Shireen peep toe sandals and sticks to the palette of the outfit. For jewellery it can be quite difficult to find wearable earthy themes to match. For this outfit, we recommend rose gold like these 18ct earrings by Afew Jewels. A delicate necklace like this from Talia Naomi is perfect for this look also. Finish off the wedding outfit with a clutch bag that screams natural. The adored clutch by Sarah’s Bag has a wooden theme that matches the details on the dress and shoes. The two colourful birds add a pop of colour and provide something a little different to the look.