Wedding Outfits – Bridesmaid’s Edition

Wedding outfits are difficult for anyone. Is this dress the right length? Is anyone else wearing a fascinator? Should I wear white? Bridesmaids in particular have to get the key balance of looking amazing, fitting in with the theme of the wedding, and making sure that the bride looks better at all times. Here we have created relatively simple outfits that leave you looking fabulous for her big day.

Bridesmaid Outfits: Hues of Blue

Wedding Outfits - Hues of BlueBlue is always a good colour for weddings. It suits most skin tones and it’s understated. Here we have a classic style of dress from Emile Vidal Carr which is tasteful and sophisticated. The triangle folds make it a little different but the sweetheart neckline is timeless. The darker blues on the necklace and clutch give more to the outfit than just a consistent blue shade. These shoes from Mechante of London are perfect for this outfit. They are glittery but not too much and black so they go with any outfit. The bangle from AnUka is very basic so as not to make the outfit too busy. A bridesmaid’s dress that would be suitable for any month of the year.


Bridesmaid Outfits: Warmer Weddings

Wedding Outfits - Warmer WeddingsThis orange dress is perfect for a summer or autumn wedding. As this is a relatively bright colour the accessories don’t need to be. A maxi dress is a good idea for a wedding because it looks formal without having to put in too much effort. This gorgeous one by Halston Heritage is suitable for most body types and is easy to wear and the sandals by De Siena are a perfect match. The ribbon makes them more feminine and as they are plain in colour, they suit the dress really well. The back is a slightly metallic colour which is more interesting than plain black. The gold accessories match the orange in the dress well and they have a subtle amount of detail which brings the whole look together.


Bridesmaid Outfits – Brilliantly Bright

Wedding Outfits - Brilliantly BrightThis outfit is great for a spring or summer wedding because it is bright and joyful. The ruffles make the dress more festive without being overwhelming. The grey in the accessories is a lot less harsh than black. The shoes in particular are interesting and bring a lot of added detail to the overall outfit. The patterning in the shoes mean that only simple accessories are needed to complement the look.


Bridesmaid Outfits – Bold as Brass

Wedding Outfits - Bold as BrassFor a jazzier look, maybe in autumn or winter, reds are always good. This is not really a conventional bridesmaid’s outfit but in the right setting it could look lovely. The gold in the cuff really compliments the red in the dress. As the Kim Kwang boots also match the gold, they really tie the outfit together. Complete with the Emm Kuo bag and you have yourself a strong, bold statement outfit.

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