Stylish Outfit Ideas for Work

Before you know it, the weekend is over and Monday creeps up on you. Every week you have the chance to style up your usual tasks so dressing for work doesn’t have to be a chore in the mornings. During winter, it can be a little  daunting to look more stylish in the workplace. Though we know looking professional is important, cold mornings and darker evenings make it difficult to take work ensembles to the next level. What you might not know is that there are simple tips and staple pieces you can add to your wardrobe. From basic black bags to statement coats and jackets nothing says power like these versatile looks. For additions to amp up your style in a workplace, browse through some of these outfit ideas. These ones are sure to make you the best dressed in the office with style you can incorporate.

Stylish Work Outfits – Statement Coat

Stylish Work Outfits - Statment Coat

This first outfit idea involves dressing up your basic pieces with a statement jacket or coat. Winter coats work well for keeping you warm on your commute. Don’t get too occupied with finding one that swallows you up in an effort to keep you warm. You can also explore stylish patterns and subtle colours. This long Virginia belted coat works well with most of what you will have in your wardrobe. It’s cool tones aren’t too overpowering and the blend of cashmere and wool makes it a staple coat for the season. You can pair this standout jacket with plain pieces, like a simple black tote and an all black ensemble.

A roll neck dress will show off your figure but still give a professional look. This adds something a little unique to the one dimensional look. You can even explore matching different scarves to add more colour and a different fabric to the look. This coat doesn’t just pair well with dresses. For a casual work day match it with some navy or black jeans for an edgier style. Whether you decide to rock a dress or not, the length of the coat still keeps you warm and means business!

Stylish Work Outfits – Professional Prints

Stylish Work Outfits - Professional Prints

Prints have the added feature of making an elaborate outfit whether it’s for work or not. For professional prints, you want to select style that will work with basic work clothing you already own. Prints are perfect because they add a shot of colour to your look instead of repetitive black and white ensembles. In winter these will tend to be cool toned. Navy blues, greys and maybe a hint of gold or copper. These colours work well for elongating the torso. Match the cool toned prints with pain coloured trousers and a matching jacket to keep the look together, Black trousers will lengthen your frame and will also pair perfectly with any other printed jumper, blouse or even blazer you have. When you have this pair of ‘go to’ staple work trousers you’re really free to explore with different colours and patterns. They will work regardless of the occasion or the season. Not to mention, how easier picking out an outfit in the morning will be.

Stylish Work Outfits – Basic Pieces

Stylish Work Outfits - Basic Pieces

The main elements of work outfits incorporate basics. This doesn’t just mean basic white shirts and some work trousers. A tip for stylish work wear is to use unusual pieces you love to wear and match them with understated basic ones. You may think a floral dress is only for spring or summer. For a day in the office, simply add some black heels, a plain bag and a trench coat. The tote is a perfect size for carrying folders and files or just as an accessory. A plain coloured trench coat acts as a good cover up and the fabric has a certain shine to it. Now, these items may already exist in your wardrobe. If they don’t, why not invest in these versatile pieces, as they can be worn for any occasion and during any season. As they are black, the most used colour in the wardrobe, they will keep you looking professional and chic with no extra effort. Extra tip: you could even go as far as taking your daytime office wear to a night look for dinner keeping the same outfit. Just added a darker make up look and your set!

Stylish Work Outfits – Edgy Additions

Stylish Work Outfits - Edgy Additions

Already one of our stylish outfit ideas for work include a blazer. This time, with this outfit, we’re focusing on graphic additions to a sophisticated look. This print top by Yuzzo London perhaps wouldn’t be your first choice when staring at your wardrobe on a Monday morning. Sometimes, what the office really needs is a god stand out unique pattern or design. Get yourself a few patterned blouses and tops to pair with whatever you have going on trouser and skirt wise. For versatility, consider a pair of heeled ankle boots. Small heels work well for the office as additions to subtle looks. But, if you have a pair of high heeled ankle boots that go with just about anything, and your daring, go for it. Adding a mix to your daily routine, spices things up and allows a whole other side of your personality to shine through, one your colleagues may not have been introduced to yet!

Stylish Work Outfits – Sporty and Comfortable

Stylish Work Outfit - Sporty and Comfortable

Despite being completely underrated, sporty chic can work well for the office too. Especially if your someone who doesn’t take too kindly to skirts and dresses and would much rather spend the day at the office in a pair of comfortable trousers. If you do love your trousers, switch up your usual pair with a dark denim option. This will be something you may have and will still keep you professional. If your lucky enough to not have a dress code or any strict guidelines at work, mix and match sporty themed sweaters with high neck collar tops. Add any smart oversized jacket to the mix and you have new, comfortable outfit choice. This outfit works especially well for cold, snowy winter mornings when the thought of tight skirts and high heels makes you shiver before you even step outside.