Outfit Inspiration: Office to Evening

There are many hardworking women out there. Whether you’re a high flying career woman or just starting out, life can be demanding and it can feel like you’re juggling a lot.

It can be even harder keeping on top of things with style.

We understand that when you have a busy schedule, style choices may not be at the forefront of your mind. You don’t have time to pour over the best and most suitable outfit, especially if you’re already running late for your train.

Most nights you may be longing to go home, kick your feet up with a drink and keep warm. Other nights however may call for socialising. If your evening plans involve catching up with friends right after work or office drinks with your co-workers, you may find yourself without enough time to get changed into something more appropriate.

So what do you do?

That’s where we come in! To help cut down the time you spend gawking at your wardrobe in the morning, here are some outfit ideas that are both office appropriate and evening chic.

The following outfit ideas centre on Lucie Brochard’s designs, which are perfect for our readers who are constantly on the go, i.e. the always traveling, ambitious and modern women.

Outfit inspiration and Ideas 1 - Then and Now

1.Lucie Brochard; Volcan Dress. 2.Lucie Brochard; Bogart Trench. 3.Payson Ni; Ruthenium Plated Florassassin Little Earrings. 4. Oysby; Decolette Orange Pumps. 5.Emm Kuo; Dia Minaudiere Clutch Bag In Marble.

We love the Volcan dress!  With tights it’s perfectly suitable for work. The luxurious silk fabric however definitely suits evening events as well. Simply peel off your tights for that extra edge and you’re good to go. Meanwhile, the Bogart trench coat keeps things classy.

The blend of volcanic oranges and reds are a great way of including some colour into a professional wardrobe, which can often be dominated by black and grey.

It’s also a colour palette that’s not only perfect for autumnal seasons but is also growing in popularity in designer runways this year.

Payson Ni’s Ruthenium plated Florassassin has movable micro pave-set sculpted plum blossoms locked inside. As the most popular of their ‘Florassassin’ collection, this piece is a mixture of toughness and romance, edgy but classy.

This is why we’ve included it in this outfit, because it’s a perfect piece for a strong, stylish and modern businesswoman.

Outfit inspiration and Ideas 2 - Then and Now

1.Lucie Brochard; Air Long Shirt. 2.Lucie Brochard; Navy Baji Trousers. 3.Lucie Brochard; Grey Seoulite Jacket. 4.Raoul; Tammy Lace Ups In Black. 5.Solomeina; Black Pearls Courage Ring – New York. 6.Emm Kuo; Getty Gold Clutch Bag.

This outfit is great for the edgier woman. Overall it leans towards the more androgynous style, with the polished Raoul Tammy lace ups really emphasising this.

While a checkered shirt may at first seem a little too casual for a work setting, when paired with the tailored Baji trousers and the fitted blazer, look 2 is not only appropriate for those slow business days but won’t have you looking too stiff at the bar.

Because of the structured nature of Lucie Brochard’s designs we really recommend Emm Kuo clutches.

The textured and metallic look of the purses not only compliments the clean cuts of Brochard’s pieces, but also really adds that extra edge that can seamlessly take these office-appropriate looks over into the evening.

Outfit inspiration and Ideas 3 - Then and Now

1.Lucie Brochard; Vega Top. 2.Lucie Brochard; Dark Grey Altair Trousers. 3.Lucie Brochard; Epopee Wool Coat. 4.De Siena; Lou Ankle Decollete Pumps. 5.Maria Francesca Pepe; Triple Band Ring With Swarovski Crystals. 6.Emm Kuo; Abrolhos Grey Clutch Bag.

For those looking to stay warm and stylish for work and after work functions, we have to recommend Lucie Brochard’s Epopee Wool Coat. Winter of course is the season for oversized everything, and that extends to outerwear.

The Epopee wool coat will not only ensure that you stay warm, but its subtle brocade detail adds that hint of glamour, making it perfect for the evening.

The Maria Francesca Pepe Triple band Ring with Swarovski crystals adds that subtle bling that will look great in the evening without seeming over-the-top during working hours.

Layer over The Vega top and tailored Altair trousers and you have the perfect anti-cold work to evening outfit.

Outfit inspiration and Ideas 4 - Then and Now

1.Lucie Brochard; Hibiscus Top. 2.Lucie Brochard; Chima Skirt. 3.Sans; Black Leather Jacket. 4.Kim Kwang; High Shine Leather Pumps in Wine Red. 5.Payson Ni; Ruthenium Plated Florassassin Spike Ring. 6.Emm Kuo; Strasse Clutch Bag.

Anyone who takes a good look at Lucie Brochard’s collection can see the blend of her cultural influences.

In this look her time spent in Japan is reflected by the asymmetric designs and graphic prints on beautiful silk, whilst her Parisian roots are clear in her flirty pleats. Overall the Hibiscus top offers structure while the skirt allows for that extra movement perfect for a night out.

The Sans Leather jacket adds to the flirt factor in this look. Though you may not want to keep wearing it whilst your inside the office (unless they aren’t too picky about dress code), the Sans jacket will definitely look great when you’re heading off to the next venue.

Kim Kwang’s wine red pumps are perfect for the evening and they can be dressed down for day wear as well, matched with more muted colours throughout.

Obviously not all offices and places of work are the same, some may be more lax with dress codes whilst others the opposite. So when trying to construct the best work to dinner outfit keep this in mind!

However, these four on trend outfit ideas should get you inspired. With these looks you can make the effortless transition from the desk to the bar with minimum stress and plenty of comfort.

Did you like these looks?

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