Outfit Ideas: Casual Wear

The word casual wear may seem very vague – especially if you intend to choose the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion and you don’t really know what to wear to wow those around you and still “keep it casual”.  So to help you out, we are presenting four very different casual outfits to cater to your different events.

1. Smart Casual Outfits

This smart casual outfit is all about classics so it goes without saying that black and white are musts. Whatever your destination or occasion, casual b&w would probably work well. The top can be very elegant and sporty, depending on how you wear it. If you’re going to pair it with leather skinny jeans, you’ll add in touches of both casual smart and elegance at the same time. We strongly recommend a comfy but stylish bag for your normal routine.

Smart Casual Outfits

2. Casual Day Outfit

If you feel like your usual casual look don’t really apply to your style, and you define yourself as a vintage lover, then you definitely have to check this casual day outfit out. The long yellow skirt screams sun, and while we know it’s still a long day ahead of us, we believe embodying the things we want help bring more energy. Regardless of how sound our logic is on this one, this outfit is just all round fun!

Casual Retro-Outfit Ideas Casual Wear-THEN AND NOW SHOP

3. Casual Club Outfit

If you feel like giving your casual look a twist, then we suggest you choose between these items that we think will add a wild flavour to your casual club outfit. The result will be stylish and express your own personal creativity! Animalier is always great and the jeans with the badges are super unique.

 casual club outfit

4.  Casual Dinner Outfit

If you’re anything like us and feel a little bit tired, you’re probably feeling like you should tone down the blacks and browns, and embrace some livelier colours. To ease you through the lovely evening we have prepared an casual dinner outfit that still has some dark tints but with a twist of pinks!

casual dinner outfit