Happy 2015! And as this new year just began, we believe every one of you has already started writing down all the resolutions, those little – and maybe not so – things that we want to improve about ourselves in the coming months. We wrote down a list of our own new year’s resolutions; it’s all about loving yourself and those around you…but isn’t it always?

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Some times the simplest things are the best; laughs and chit chats with your buddies. Here’s what to wear when out for breakfast: wool waistcoat, grey jumper, blue jeans, feather necklace, super high heeled boot and cross-body bag.

HEALTHY REGIME – After all those heavy lunches and dinners, it’s time to detox. Go to the closest farmers market wearing: green watch, wool blouse, blue jeans, monochrome backpack and suede boots.

TONE UP – Your body is a temple, take care of it! Do more sports wearing: yoga cardigan and pants, bandana socks and black trainers.

ENJOY THE LATEST BESTSELLERS – Spend more time chilling on the couch with a good book and possibly a scented candle. Must have pieces: wool cardigan, blue jeans, orange watch and colourful socks.