Jeans outfit ideas – The different styles

Jeans have to be the main staple in every girl’s wardrobe. From tomboy style, ultra girly and gorgeously glamorous they are always a go to piece. However with jeans being so popular nowadays, there seems to be so many styles to chose from. So when it comes to dressing with the jean, it can become a pretty difficult task. To offer a helping hand we have selected the six most common styles, and created outfits to help inspire you. Here are our jeans outfit ideas for White skinny jeans, Boot cut jeans, Mom jeans, Straight cut black jeans, Skinny black jeans and Straight blue jeans.

White skinny jeans outfit

White skinny jeans - Jeans outfit

A pair of skinny white jeans screams summer. The fresh and bright hue will liven up any outfit by working as a foundation for a light look. We have let the jeans work as a blank slate for this outfit, so that the shirt does the talking. The crisp chambray fabric is super on trend this season, so is a great option to achieve a style setter status.

To maintain the clean image, wearing complementing pale hues will make the jeans pop. Try a lilac bag with pale golden hardware for to bring luxury to the casual look. Wear it all with these espadrilles by Angarde. They combine the lilac and blue hues perfectly, by encompassing the two colours. Being a go-to comfortable shoe for this season, they will bring a summer factor to any outfit.

Don’t hide away these jeans in winter though! Simply keep the rest of the look monochrome or in caramel tones, opting for knitwear and layers to keep it chic and cosy.

Boot cut jeans outfit

Boot cut jeans - outfit ideas A boot cut jean is great for those with lengthy limbs and slim thighs. If you do not have this figure, this may not be the cut for you. The flared ankle helps to balance a skinny figure, but can shorten girls with a fuller frame.

With this shape jean, wearing a heel shoe is always a good idea to lengthen your legs. We have picked a bold pink ankle boot to do just that. The eye-catching design draws the attention to the feet, so that your legs will look longer. When it comes to what to wear on the top, we recommend trying a western style off-the-shoulder top. It will lend you some cool confidence by offering a modern take on the 2000’s boho look. A tip when wearing the top is to have it hitting your hips or tucked to keep you looking tall and lean. This black knitted can be worn in both ways, so is a perfect choice.

To really complete the western look a cowboy hat and tassel earrings are wonderful accompaniments. They will make your outfit stand out, and give the outfit a stylish finish. Finalise with a slouchy duffle bag. It will add that extra edge of casual flare.

Mom jeans outfit

Mom jeans - outfit ideas

The Mom jean is the next big thing on the denim horizon. They’re no longer a 90’s cringe-worthy no-go piece, but a current option for an ultra fashionable look. To bring the jean into this day and age, adding sex appeal will provide the perfect juxtaposition. Wearing a slinky cami top will upgrade the look from comfy to classy. This black silk and lace option is set to achieve such class, while revealing the skin to add some excitement. To keep the look daytime ready, a silver backpack is a great choice. Whilst being practical and casual, its metallic shine adds extra oomph. Match it with a cuff ring for more silver detail and a rock n roll edge.

As this is a style you can wear all day, a simple change of shoes will help to convert the look. Here we have gone for a sensual daytime look, with on trend flat sandals to allow for fashionable comfort. Feel free to rock a stiletto though, as this will easily transform the entire look. Finish with a pair of timeless back sunglasses so you accomplish that off duty cool-girl style.

Straight cut black jeans outfit

Straight cut black jeans - outfit ideas

This straight and cropped cut will suit any body shape, as their classic style makes them a versatile choice. With their minimalist and simplistic fit, they will work as the basis for any look. For this outfit we have gone for androgynous grunge to make the jeans the focal point. Keeping to the distressed black wash implements a boyish cool, meanwhile the cropped ankle will give you a feminine approach.

To confront this tomboy look, wear the denim with a fresh white tee. Opt for a leather backpack and comfortable black trainers to further complement this look’s boyish charm. We have kept the hue classically monochrome to allow for a timeless edge, upholding an easy-going outfit.

Skinny black jeans outfit

skinny black jeans - outfit ideas A black super tight jean is a must for any wardrobe. A pair that works as a second skin oozes sex appeal and gritty confidence.

If you want to show such eye-catching poise, this grungy look is here for you. The sexy Cheetah print print bodysuit tucked into these jeans is guaranteed to turn heads, by flaunting your figure. To add to the edgy appeal, a chunky buckled boot will generate an androgynous element. They work as a great counterpart to the leather-look jeans to create a biker-chic image. Amplify the toughness with a cool leather cap to really give the outfit laid-back nonchalance.

Finally, accessorise with a choker necklace for an element of femininity while still radiating 90’s sass. This look can be worn for daytime to create a stand out look, or works as an evening ensemble that embraces tomboy glamour.

Straight blue jeans outfit

straight blue jeans - outfit ideas

Who said that jeans can’t be girly? Its all about the way you dress up the denim to radiate femininity. With a straight cut, classic blue jean, this job is made even easier. This style jean is suitable to wear with anything due to being such an adaptable piece that suits anyone. We have opted for pink as the number one hue to exude ladylike appeal. With this pink tank top, its ruffle detail brings flowing elegance that makes perfect for summer. By combining the top with a matching pink bag elevates the feminine look, while the golden details will up the elegance. Thanks to the jeans frayed ankles and knee slashes, the look isn’t too sugary sweet.

To bring a summer time glow to the outfit, a golden sneaker is a great pairing. Not only does it make the look effortlessly stylish, it also gives the casual look some luxury. To add accessorising detail, wear golden jewellery. This will create a rose tinted glimmer, which is what we all want to see during summertime.