Some call it the everlasting trend, we keep seeing them on the catwalks all over the world, florals are definitely the way to go! This week we present to you 3 ways to wear florals, from the morning to the night.

OFFICE READY – This outfit is perfect for the spring: a neutral top, slightly baggy trousers and a soft leather jacket, for those chilly mornings. Keep a low profile on the accessory department, this gorgeous bracelet alone will do the work!

OFF TO A COCKTAIL PARTY – This dress kind of says it all…The pattern is beautiful, the shape perfectly adjusts to your body and the open back gives the right amount of sexiness…absolutely a winner!

THE CLUB KID (Sort of) – Because Prada said it’s ok to wear fur this spring summer, we humbly follow their teachings – and also we live in London, so you never know what’s the weather going to be like! Dare with this fur waistcoat, satin dress and black boots, and accessorise with this killer jewellery!