Going Out Outfits: Evening Style

Choosing an outfit for an evening out is not always a simple task. You want to display your fashionable style while still dressing appropriately and keeping your look practical and comfortable. To help you out, we’ve put together some tips to cover the basics of what to wear for a selection of occasions: a casual evening, sexy date, an action filled the clubbing night, an evening of elegance at a classical concert and a girls night out. Take our advice onboard to enjoy your evening to the full and avoid any classic fashion mistakes.

Evening outfits

On gloomy winter evenings when it’s too cold to make any extravagant plans, a cinema trip can often save what would otherwise be a boring evening in. Whether you choose to go with friends or with your other half, we have your answers on what to wear for the occasion.

Evening outfits

Comfortable armchairs, XXL popcorn and a seat alongside your friends or loved one… movie nights are full of relaxation and comfort, but that still doesn’t mean you should leave the house in your overalls. So here’s how to dress for a night out at the movies:

The first thing to be careful about is your choice of shoes. If you just cannot give up wearing heels, at least make sure to choose a suitable pair (preferably of moderate height). Boots, ballet flats and espadrilles are the perfect shoes for a cinema trip. They will keep you comfortable while still not downgrading your outfit. For this reason, we do not recommend sneakers.

Evening outfits dressesFor the bottom half of your outfit, opt for a pair of jeans. For the top half, stick with a shirt and leather jacket. A statement necklace or ring will give the look the final touch of glam it needs.

Strictly avoid leggings, tracksuits and sweatshirts: No need to hide your sex appeal behind frumpy layers, especially if this is a date night – you wouldn’t want your date turning up in a track suit either! For those skirt lovers out there, you’ll have to pay attention to the length. Forget short skirts and instead go for a long skirt with soft and dark tones. Last piece… the bag. Do not wear your weekend shopping bag but rather your medium-sized clutch to carry by hand. It will complete your look and add a boost of elegance.

Evening outfits jeans

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Sexy outfits

Your man wants to take you out for tonight. But how do you dress to look both elegant and seductive at the same time?

After weeks of hinting that staying in and watching The Apprentice in your PJs is making you miss the romance, your man has finally understood that a romantic dinner is what the relationship needs. But now your question is what to wear for that long-awaited date night…

Sexy outfits

This is not necessarily an occasion to wear black for. We recommend leaving behind those dull colours (grey, beige, sand) and awakening your bold side: coral, tangerine, peach, emerald green and cobalt blue. Enhance your beauty by exhibiting your confidence with colour!

It’s imperative that you say goodbye to those sneakers for the evening, as well as the loafers and moccasins. Above all, only if you can’t walk in them, give your sky-high stilettos the night off. While you may look graceful and romantic sitting down, you don’t want that walk to the car to end up looking like a circus juggler on stilts.

Sexy outfits black dressSexiness is best when understated. Do not overdo slits, very short skirts, or provocative plunging necklines. On the contrary, leave him guessing by proving you’re plenty sexy even without showing too much skin.

The final touches? A fresh manicure, light and natural makeup, and loose, glossy hair.

With this advice, we hope the night will be the first of a long series of future romantic dinners for you two…

Romantic Dinner outfits

Music Concert and Club outfits

You have concert tickets for tonight but you’re late on deciding what to wear? We’ve got you covered with a comfortable and stylish look to dance the night away.Music Concert and Club outfitsChoosing how to dress for a concert is never an easy task: you want to dress to impress, but the simple mistake of choosing the wrong footwear can leave you having to stand against the wall all night with sore feet, and that is definitely not the experience you paid good money to have.

So our first essential tip is to choose shoes you’ve worn in and are sure fit you well. This is not the time to show off a new pair of shoes. Heels are appropriate, but choose a pair of wide heels (wedges for example) that will be comfortable and will allow you to stay balanced even amongst endless shoving and wild dancing! Music_Concert_and_Club_outfitsFor clothing, opt for grey skinny jeans over a T-shirt or tank top with dark insertions of lace or other detailing. Important accessories tip: do not choose necklaces that are too long. These will likely get stuck in your hair while you dance or be very hard to keep in place. Instead, opt for a dazzling bracelet or some statement earrings.

No less important is the choice of bag – No clutches allowed in this case. Go for a shoulder bag that will leave your hands free to dance without restriction.

Music Concert and Club outfits

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Classical Music Concert outfits

How to dress for a concert of classical music: evening dress or simple little black dress? Here are some fashion tips for a special evening of elegance.

It’s an important event and you’re standing in front of your closet but you have no idea what to wear to avoid being under/over-dressed at a classy event.Classical Music Concert outfitsFirst of all remember it is not necessarily about the event but about the location. If you go to a concert in a prestigious theatre, an elegant evening dress is a must. If the concert takes place in a public area, like a church or park, no one will judge you for wearing jeans.

To avoid the risk of making a fashion mistake, you can always take refuge with good old black, perhaps enhanced with some jewellery or accessory that isn’t overly flashy. Avoid your casual hooded jacket, leave your running shoes at home and make sure to bring along a small chic clutch.Classical_Music_Concert_outfitsWhen necessary, the invitation to the event will often state the appropriate dress code. If this is not the case, try to keep things as simple as possible: this is not Fashion Week!

Classical Music Concert outfits

Girls night out

An evening out with your girlfriends can be the best night of the week, filled with wine, cocktails and laughter. But what do you wear if the evening goes from chilled to a crazy night to remember?

Girls night out outfit

First thing’s first, you don’t want to dress too extravagantly and to upstage your friends. Keep the look in balance with your personal style, but tone it down so that you look part of a group. Pick simple clothes, and let your accessories do the talking. An on-trend blouse with cut out details that reveal flashes of skin will have the perfect equilibrium between laid-back style and an element of glamour.

When it comes to shoes, if you’re not great in high heels opt for mid-height chunky heels. These will keep you upright all night long and will work if you do find yourself dancing the night away. A pair of sandaled heels works great, especially with colourful painted toes to show off your individuality.

night out outfit
Pick jewellery that exudes your style. Bold collar necklaces, exciting rings and glamorous bracelets are all great options to express your personality. Stick with skinny jeans, as they go with everything. Simplicity is key for a look that works pretty much anytime and anywhere. Skinny jeans also look amazing with an any heel height, as the tight fit makes your legs look longer.

Finally, the exhausting task of selecting a bag: one that is big enough for your beauty essentials (if you do find yourself having to add that extra layer of mascara!) and yet has an element of glamour. Pick a small to medium bag with a chain for a strap, as it is easy to wear and will add some extra sparkle to the look.  Find one with extra embellishments so that you can stand out and be the super stylish girl of the group.

Whether it’s a chilled night at the movies, a romantic dinner date, a night on the town or a classy evening event, it’s important to dress for the occasion and still look your best. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple and exude your sexiness in an understated way but don’t forget to be practical and plan ahead to make sure your fashion mishaps don’t ruin your night. We hope our tips will come in handy and, above all, that you have a great evening!