Autumn Outfits: The Red Dress

The power of the red dress is undeniable and a perfect inclusion as one of your autumn outfits. It is a force to be reckoned with, possessing an aura of seduction and mystery. Once you pick out that red dress from your closet and put it on, you instantly feel your level of confidence rising up. Fashion has always adored the fiery colour making it more than a trend with designers season after season. Celebrities continue to display such loving relationships with red dresses and wear them on and off the red carpet. Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley, are just a few examples. And interestingly, Angelina Jolie who is almost always downed in black has worn the bright hue a couple of times. So why not paint your closet red by recreating some of the best looks from these stars.

The Red Dress: One Shoulder

The Red Dress - One Shoulder

One shoulder dresses always make a much needed comeback after they take a vacation from making best trend lists. The asymmetrical trend has been embraced by stars like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Diane Kruger. Pick out a red one shoulder dress and get ready to show off those arms, because this is one look worth trying. This one from Halston Heritage is perfect for flattering your figure and its pleated style adds more dimension to the dress and look. Pair it with Imachic’s silver clutch and these Ada heels for a different pop of colour guaranteed to turn heads. The bold colour doesn’t need too much when it comes to jewellery but these earrings by Talia Naomi give a delicate touch to the outfit. It also adds more to what you may think is left bare around the ears and shoulders from the cut of the dress.

The Red Dress: Belted star

The Red Dress - Belted Star

A good belt can really make an outfit, and when paired with a stylish red dress, the results are flawless. The belt accentuates the waist and brings out your curves in the most sensual way. You can pair up your hot red number with a belt for a night out partying, brunch or wear it to the office depending on your style. Some red dresses come already styled with a waist belt which makes things a little easier. Wear them simply like that or get creative and buy a belt separately to create your own look. Confashion’s red shirt dress already has a belt so this will be easier to style. A pair of black heels will also pair nicely with this outfit. These Elektra heels add a bit of drama and edge to the outfit. The dress is perfectly subtle for day wear making it a good look for a day at the office. Finish this outfit off with minimal makeup and accessorise with a simple wristwatch and black bag to match, and you have another chic red dress inspired outfit.

The Red Dress: Expecting in red

The Red Dress - Expecting in Red

Who said maternity dressing has to be boring? Now women focus on turning these nine months into a series of trend setting moments. We watch as the leading ladies of Hollywood are on the forefront with their perfect maternity style executions. So if you are working on having a stylish pregnancy period steal a tip or two from stars like Zoe Saldana and Kate Winslet who did not shy away from wearing the sexy colour during their pregnancies. The shine of the fabric on Zoe Saldana’s Narciso Rodriguez’s dress is luxurious, and covers the body perfectly.

Style up a similar look by putting on a pair of black strappy sandals and accessories with a black clutch. Plakinger’s Enamel stripe thin cuff dress is a perfect example of how you can get this glowing look. De Siena’s Melysandre ankle sandals are so fashionable and add different patterns to the cuffed look. Though this outfit may seem risky for pregnancy, leave the makeup minimal and the hair up to so the dress can shine in its full glory.

It’s no secret that red is a hot and daring colour during autumn and winter seasons. These outfits show how stylish and sexy a red number can be regardless of time and occasion. Maximise your style potential and add a little more red to your closets this season. If you liked this article make sure to share it on social media and tell us your favourite red looks for autumn!