Autumn Outfits: Casual Statements

Whether you’re a fan or not, autumn is approaching. The leaves are beginning to fall and so are hemlines as the chilly months are looming. Some brands have featured colour heavy looks this A/W as shown in Milan earlier this year. Whereas others have gone for muted tones and a vintage, 30s style as their outlook for autumn. We have collaborated the best autumn outfits to wear during the season so as to be warm but still make a casual statement.

Autumn Outfits: Evening Plans

Autumn Outifts - Evening PlansThis outfit is perfect for a theatre outing where on arrival, the jacket may not be needed but essential when leaving after being greeted by what feels like an arctic wind. The dress makes a big impression having many different patterns and colours and is the centre of the piece. It is somewhat muted by the black shoes and jacket but complemented by the blue on the bag. The pendant is not too bold but not too simple giving an extra dimension to the outfit. Therefore on the whole, this look is colourful and unique without being overpowering or outrageous.

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Autumn Outfits: Muted Patterns

Autumn Outfits - Muted PatternsThis outfit is perfect for most occasions as it isn’t too bright, too dark, too formal or too casual. The duster jacket is good for autumn because it’s easy to wear and goes with most outfits. The shoes are similar and so they are perfect for these trousers. Wearing something too bright with these trousers would be counter-productive and make the trousers look odd. This is why the coat and shoes are good choices because they make the trousers the main attraction of the outfit. The bag gives some colour to an otherwise dark outfit without being too bright so as to look bizarre. Lastly, the makeup should be natural – hence the nude lipstick – or slightly dark. This highlights the muted tones of the outfit.


Autumn Outfits: Bright and Beautiful

Autumn Outfits - Bright and BeautifulThis outfit is very different to the previous one. Perfect for a lunch or afternoon tea or a warmish day in mid-September. The skirt and bag are what the eyes are drawn to the most and, as they are similar in colour the top and shoes have to be black or white so as not to clash or make the outfit too overpowering. The pattern and cut of the skirt is unique and it can be worn at most times of year.

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