New York Street Style – Our Selection

From fashion week to Met Galas and Manhattan, New York Street Style is one of the biggest in the world. It’s no wonder the concrete jungle is the perfect place for fashion bloggers to source their inspiration for street style. Bloggers are the medium between the designers and the customers, exploring all the latest trends before we have the chance to. Through their glorious Instagram pages, we have a glipmse into what’s happening in the industry and where we can find alternatives. Searching around the blog sphere, we found the top trending, fashionable 5 fashion bloggers from New York you need to browse through:

1) Leandra Medine

2) Danielle Bernstein

3) Kelly Framel

4) Blair Eadie

5) Helena Glazer Hodne

New York Street Style - fashion bloggers

New York Street style – Leandra Medine (Man Repeller)

New York Street Style - Leandra Medine

Originally inspired by High Street shops including Topshop, Leandra named her humorous blog based on her referring to these as ‘men repellers’. The blog was founded in 2010 starting small and then took off to become a world wide media company. Charming over 1 million monthly visitors and with 10 million views, Leandra has significant status as a contender in a challenging and competitive industry. Man Repeller’s definitive motto celebrates the style of women, allowing them to dress however they want rather than styling based on what will attract the attention of men. When it first started, the blog was focused mostly on Leandra’s personal and specific style and taste. Cosmopolitan calls it a range of outfits that channel the ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ movie vibe. It is no surprise that diverse bold colours and patterns are included in the mix with some more understated subtle pieces. This form of street style is so easy to replicate, a white slouch top for example with a pair of colour similar shorts and some espadrilles is enough for Leandra to captivate eyes on the street. If that doesn’t work, bright red socks with an otherwise one colour themed outfit will.

New York Street Style – Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What)

New York Street Style - Danielle Bernstein

New Yorker, Danielle Bernstein, and her fashion obsessed blog ‘We Wore What’, covers everything from fashion to interior design. Her intent on creating a place people can go to find their daily dose of fashion inspiration is what attracted us and 1.5 million followers to her. Danielle’s simply elegant street style displays the love we have for the city. Interestingly, she chooses not to show her face in the pictures on her blog saying “I’m not a model. I don’t even like wearing makeup. What I do like are clothes, and that’s where I want my readers to focus”. We love this message and so do her viewers. You will more than often find her hidden behind a pair of so sophisticated brown sunglasses. The look of the classic dungaree for instance, is one of the outfit choices that recurs in her collection of street style.

Paired with a loose plain white t-shirt and a pair of simple flats, this look is perfect for strutting around the busy streets of New York (or for taking pictures for your Instagram account). To add something even more special to the look, Danielle tends to go for patterned themed dungarees with bold elaborate colours.

New York Street Style – Kelly Framel (The Glamourai)

New York Street Style - Kelly Framel

Kelly Framel and her sister Erin’s website is one that captivates its readers with colourful images and fascinating news. Unlike some bloggers, Kelly gained experience from the industry itself while working for big name designer Dior. The Glamourai has earned its place as a luxurious destination for fashion inspiration. It goes on to include everything from healthy eating to beauty and shopping tips. We love the uniqueness, blending two different styles to create content that appeals to a wide range of readers. The bloggers also feature simple, colourful captivating designs on their Instagram pages, with outfits that go beyond the High Street. Patterned swimwear and long chic wide leg trousers were some of the recurring styles we found them wearing.

One of our favourites is the love of  prints the sisters have coupled with a chic boho theme. This is a trend that is becoming a staple for the fashionable girls wardrobe. More bloggers are taking chances and risking contrasting patterns and themes. Some even opt for a pair of wide leg hipster trousers rather than their usual skinny jeans. This doesn’t just occur in New York, but around the world. The street style trend has the ability to amp up any look and works beautifully on the days you feel your outfit may be too simple or one-dimensional. Free flowing oversized clothing is in and a serious contender for street style.

New York Street Style – Blair Eadie (Atlantic Pacific)

New York Street Style - Blair Eadie

This next blogger on the list has what may be a very unusual name for a feisty New York fashion blog. Despite this, Atlantic Pacific is the personal style and fashion blog of Blair Eadie. Blair models for her blog which she says is a means of self expression and it is obvious that people are definitely intrigued. Bright pink dresses and sunglasses, cute floral designs and petite handbags are just some of the choices this fashionista obviously cannot live without. Most would assume that the New York look would consist of chic clothing all decked out in black. Blair and Atlantic Pacific however offer an innovative alternative for the chic girl who lives for standing out in a crowd. Patterns and florals were the most common looks we found on her website. This trend constantly captivates our hearts throughout the year and is the main reason most bloggers are ever ready to capture photographs in them.

Floral patterns are not the only option when styling a Blair Eadie inspired outfit. The bright pink round bag however is the accessory that caught us off guard. It gives of the expensive Tiffany’s Blair Waldorf vibe and we love this for street style in New York.

New York Street Style – Helena Glazer Hodne (Brooklyn Blonde)

New York Street Style - Helena Glazer Hodne

Helena Glazer Hodne encapsulates the prime image we love of New York city. Born and raised in Queens, she started Brooklyn Blonde using knowledge of the industry coupled with style and business incentive. Now, not only does the mother and wife blog about her favourite clothing, she directs readers to the best places to go in the city. Helena describes her style as classic, edgy and glamorous. Three words that also describe the outfit choices at fashion week and among known designers. For New Yorkers wishing to follow the common trends in the city, black pieces are the way to go. Helena takes a simple outfit; some black trousers and a white shirt, and instantaneously redefines the term basic. This look is also one that distingues the upbeat New Yorker from someone looking to blend in. Another staple that this chic blogger labels a must have is a pair of black sunglasses. We love her style, probably another reason she has landed on the lists of the top bloggers in the city.

New York Street Style – In your wardrobe

New York is the place to be for exploring fashion. We are loving the street styles these bloggers are gracing us with and know they will be sticking around. What can you learn from them? Well, they show us that sticking to what’s trending works, but they love new and exciting styles. Here are the main points to remember: Simple colours, delicate patters, wide leg trousers and of course a pair of sunglasses. It has never been a better time to fill your wardrobe with these new ideas ahead of autumn. That way the feisty New Yorker is with you whatever city your in!

Who are your favourite bloggers from New York? Let us know which bloggers you try to channel and the ones you’re most excited to read about. If you liked this article share it with your friends and on social media.