London Street Style – Our Selection

It’s undeniable, London is recognised as one of the big four fashion capitals of the world for a reason. Every year the city retains its notable status during fashion week, the Brits and other prestigious events. Being a celebrity is no longer the only excuse you need to wear bold statement street style pieces. One of the features that allows the city to remain fashionable is the cluster of fashion bloggers that represent the latest trends. These UK Bloggers display different products that are often similar to outfits worn by celebrities. In London, street style practically throws itself at you, from bright colours in Camden to oversized jackets on Portabello Road. Bringing these ideas to the forefront of fashion inspiration however, is a whole different ball game.

Not only do these bloggers compete with the industry and its challenges, they also compete with one another. We admire their success and because we love to give you inspiration, we have put together our selection of the top 5 bloggers in London.

London Street style – Fleur de Force (Fleur de Force)



Sophistication has never been more achievable through style in London and this blogger may have something to do with that. Fleur de Force is recognised not only as one of the most successful bloggers in London but in the country. Consequently, her fashion blog has secured her place on the top 10 list of  fashion influencers in the world. So, of course it has to appear on ours. Her popular YouTube channel attracts over 4-6 million views each month and has collected over 1.8 million subscribers. Fleur was also successful in writing her first book ‘The Glam Guide’, which details how her hobby became a passion for fashion and rocketed her career. The book also gives readers an insight into fashion and beauty secrets from makeup tips to a motivational healthy lifestyle.

Fleur’s style was one of the reasons she was shortlisted for best beauty vlogger and blogger by Cosmopolitan in 2012. Her blog allows her followers to shop her wardrobe and exclusively buy the outfits she loves. Most importantly Fleur gives readers daily inspiration whether it’s to get them through their day, or through deciding what outfit to wear that night. Fleur’s street style is fairly simple, nothing too dramatic. If she wears prints, she usually has a colour scheme going on, which makes recreating this look that much easier for you. One of her most elegant looks involves a pair of wide leg trousers. This might be daunting for some but for autumn and winter seasons, such a piece can provide a unique and sophisticated touch.

London Street Style – Susie Lau (Style Bubble)



Since her blog Style Bubble started in 2006, Chinese born Susie Lau has shown her love for fashion. The blog features her thoughts, personal experiences and of course fashion observations with more focus on young unheard of talent. Other than her blog Susie has also written as part of her freelance projects including articles for Elle magazine. On Style Bubble she reveals that the love she has for fashion actually began as a form of rebellion against her parents and the notorious ‘popular’ girl stereotype she encountered in High School. Since then, Susie has influenced the fashion choices of many in the capital through her display of colourful outfits and elaborate pieces. One of the biggest ideas she shares with her followers is that “leaving the house presents itself as an opportunity to wear your favourite things”.

Susie’s street style is basically made up of bold colours that reflect her bright bubbly personality… we don’t need to tell you where the name comes from. This fashionista teaches us that expression is everything, not only in the clothes you wear, but how you wear them. Teaming up a pair of patterned trousers with a contrasting coloured long sleeve shirt and bag is a start for this look. We are seriously loving ‘the more the better’ for street style. What could possibly describe this other than wearing a bright pink tutu and silver metallic shoes on the streets of London? Though Susie doesn’t always have a set colour scheme, she does like to mix and match, a common trend. There’s nothing wrong with matching a colour print with a shoulder bag. This is an accessory Susie can’t live without for the more-is-more street style.

London street Style – Sarah Ashcroft (That Pommie Girl)



If you happen to be curious as to where the name for this blog came from, Sarah Ashcroft reveals that ‘pommie’ is actually Australian slang for an English person. This Instagram beauty turned fashion blogger has always been eager to delve into the fashion world. After studying a level 3 diploma in fashion retail, Sarah started her blog That Pommie Girl as a fun hobby. Flash forward to today, and the self confessed shopaholic has the perfect place for dedicated subscribers to see her favourite street style items. Accumulating over 577,000 followers on Instagram, Sarah stuns at making a scene with glamorous holiday and evening event shots. This month Sarah released one of her many fashion projects teaming up with Missguided to bring a new collection featuring formal and casual street style themed outfits.

For street style, this collection centres on elegant neutrals, the go to look for the understated girl longing for a moment in the spotlight. Or just someone who loves neutral tones. This colour scheme was popular during fashion week, even in autumn collections, and we expect to see more. Sarah will every so often step out in a pastel pink ensemble giving new maturity to the baby colour. Sometimes a cute schoolgirl outfit, a white tee with a brown or black pinafore and white trainers is enough to keep you emerged in this style. The key here is to keep it simple and save the glitz for the accessories. A pair of gold coloured sunglasses for instance should work. Each outfit from Sarah’s collection has its own unique personality including the classic little black dress. It is a simple option many love; add some white heeled sandals for even more elegance.

London Street Style – Carrie Santana da Silva (WishWishWish)



Vintage has always had involvement in street style in London and if you’re looking for inspiration, this blogger is ideal. Not only does she share her passion for clothing, her blog WishWishWish is also a platform to share her love of travel. Carrie Santana de Silva’s blog encourages the sophisticated street style we love and Londoners can’t seem to get enough of. One of the most distinctive things we noticed about Carrie’s blog and street style, is the incorporation of her favourite things in what she wears. She is often seen styling short denim skirts with a relaxed t-shirt, a simple outfit with a whole lot of attitude. Moving to London from the countryside, Carrie shares her love of animals and nature through her outfits. So if she feels like something a little more glamorous, cat inspired shoes and duck patterned dresses are an option for this blogger.

This form of expression is key when it comes to vintage looks. Styling what may seem like archaic pieces is more complex, we love the mix of the vintage feel with London’s historic vibe. Recreating this classic street style is not as daunting or difficult as you might think. The classic denim skirt is always welcome, add a pair of coloured trainers to break the monotone colours. Vintage is all about mixing and matching to see what works and autumn and winter can be great times to start.

London Street Style – Sandra Hagelstame – (5 inch and up)


All black outfits never have restrictions, no matter who you are or which country you’re from. This look is cherished because it can appear effortless on anyone. In fact, we can’t seem to think of when it wasn’t included in street style somewhere. Sandra Hagelstame calls her blog her visual diary, with her own interpretations of street style and trends. She loves the concept of contrast; a concept especially recognised in fashion capitals such as Stockholm and New York. This blogger takes it one step further adding messy hair and casual touches for a relaxed style. The relaxed street trend style is one that is gradually making waves in the industry. New brands are deciding to create loungewear outfits as outerwear garments and autumn and winter is perfect for this. More commonly, Sandra’s style consists of a mix of what she feels like wearing inspired by magazines and designers.

London street style – In your wardrobe

London has some serious history with fashion, street style especially, so we’re not surprised by this list. Neither should you be. If you’re ever looking for inspiration, this city has bucket loads waiting for you to spot. Strolling around the streets is another opportunity for you to display your personality and style. Whether you’re the shy conservative chick or the creative girl with a zest for life, there are always new ideas. These are just some of the many outfits waiting for you to explore. Remember when rocking London’s street style, think wide legged trousers, simple elegant dresses, creative prints, patterns or if all else fails, how could you possibly go wrong with an all black ensemble?