Wedding Photographer: Emma Jane Interview

If you’re looking for a London wedding photographer to capture the precious memories of your special day, Emma-Jane is the girl you’re looking for. She is an Award Winning International Female wedding photographer, specialised in documentary storytelling wedding photography.

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1) How did you start your career as photographer?

I started around 5 and a half years ago back in Devon. There were very picturesque locations, so it was hard not to take a good photo!

2) Why do you think couples should hire a photographer to capture their wedding?

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It is about capturing that special day. You don’t want to be stressed on the day, so making sure you have a professional photographer means those elements are captures professional, in the style you like and above all they are captured well.

If you end up going low on price for a student photographer, for a family friend getting into photography, the chances are they are not experienced enough to deal with the issues that can arrise at weddings. Quick light changes, capturing moments in an instant. The last thing you want is it to go wrong with no memories of the most beautiful day in your life.

3) Could you explain the steps to follow when beginning to plan a wedding?

All bride and grooms start differently. But often it is about looking to the theme and style. Often couples look to fashion for inspiration and often you are looking at trends a few years in advance. Once this is organized, you can look to plan the larger elements. Such as venue, photographer and catering.

4) What do you think makes a wedding memorable?

Great theme and venue. Couples that really look to fashion and current trends to influence their style are always on point.

wedding photographer - castle location

5) What locations are your favorite for taking photos?

wedding photographer - unusual location

I love unusual locations. Warehouses, old buildings. Ideally a venue that has something unique that makes great background. Anything with a small garden and no features are hard for photographers.. give us something unique!

6) Who would you like to work with?

Couples who are adventurous, fashion inspired and I always love a destination wedding.

wedding photographer - bridal preparation

7)  What is your favorite lens and type of camera to shoot with?

I currently use a Nikon d750 for main and second body. As well as my favorite lenses are the 70-200 and 24-70 as an all around useful lens at a wedding. Though I am interested in shooting more prime lenses at weddings.

wedding photographer - girls bridesmaid

8) Is there an important factor you want potential clients to know about you and your method of working?

I am very inspired by fashion. I shoot fashion and PR during the week and take a limited number of weddings a year.

Emma Jane - fashion shooting

Always looking for couples who like this style inflused into their images as well as couples who go that extra mile. If you are only after general coverage with quick snaps of the couple shots by the entrance of the venue… I am not your girl.

Emma Jane - london wedding

9) What upcoming projects are you working on at the moment, and what are your goals for the future?

I have recently shot for Hyatt hotel on a large campaign and headed to malta to collaborate with a wedding planner called Carmela Weddings. Next stops are also Atlanta for a wedding this year.

10) What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love creating concepts and dream like images in fashion. As well as infusing this style with couples.

Emma Jane - wedding photographer

Getting couples inspired by trends and features to then infuse into their own wedding. I love the versatile and ever changing day to day of a photographer.

11) Do your friends/family ever ask you to take photos of them?

No. They have learnt not to. I don’t like mixing personal and work like that. I think it could easily go wrong.

12) How did you grow your name as fashion wedding photographer and acquire opportunities to be an approved supplier on some of the most recognised wedding directories?

It has taken time. Lots of perseverance. Being in the right place at the right time but also having a strong portfolio.

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Being approachable and flexible for couples is always a plus. But as a photographer, you cannot just be a good wedding photographer. You need to know your target market and how to sell yourself as a brand.

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