Valentines Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. An abundance of heart shaped items are beginning to take centre stage in the aisles of shopping centres.

Maybe your boyfriend or husband has begun asking you what it is you want in the least subtle way possible and your friends have started to gush over the cute presents they have ready for their special someone. You, however, aren’t sure what to get.

Perhaps you’ve been together awhile and holidays like Valentine’s Day seem inconsequential, or maybe your relationship is brand new and you’re not quite sure what to get him.

This post will run through some great gift ideas. Whether you’ve been with your beau for years or months, these products are bound to make that special man in your life feel extra loved.


In a world with new and exciting technologies and gadgets, an electronic gift may just be the perfect Valentine’s present, especially if your man is a bit of a tech geek.

Technological gadgets are designed to improve aspects of daily life, with music being a key part of that. But not everyone is gadget-obsessed.

Maybe your partner is a bit of a technophobe (to be fair, a robotic revolution is entirely plausible) or is generally just a bit of a novice at this whole futuristic thing.

We recommend getting him a good set of speakers. What better way to say ‘I love you’ then improved audio quality for all his musical and tech needs! Even if he isn’t a tech wizard, who doesn’t love sharper sounds and music in general.

The Bose Soundlink portable Bluetooth speaker is a particularly good pick. Its technologically sophisticated enough to impress any gadget addict yet simple enough to be enjoyed by any novice.

Bose Soundlink Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Then and Now

It can play music for up to 8 hours nonstop if he wanted and runs on a rechargeable battery. Its lack of cord and lightweight design mean it is easily transportable and can go with him wherever he wanted.

It also comes in a variety of colours, so you could pick the one that bests suits him. Or if you’re feeling extra into Valentine’s Day theme, you could always opt for the red option.

Alternatively, if your partner prefers to submerse himself in music and cancel out noise as much as possible for some down time, maybe an in ear or headphone option is best.

Friends offer various stylish earphone and headphone options that provide superb quality and noise cancelation.


Perhaps your special guy finds himself out and about often, may that be short trips to other cities, quick dashes to the office or casual days out around town.

You may have grown tired of the old bag he lugs around… the one with the straps hanging on by a thread. (Pun intended)

Maybe he doesn’t even bother with bags if he can avoid it, instead relying on deep pockets meaning, you often find yourself out in a cold car park, waiting as he searches for the keys in one of his many pockets.

Valentines day is the perfect excuse to give him something that he may actually really need rather than a cute trinket about love and happiness some shops may be pushing.

Troubadour’s Leather day bag is a great option if your Valentine travels away from home often on short breaks. It’s both stylish, it’s of great quality and it’s conveniently sized.

Troubadour Leather Day Bag -Then and Now

Maybe its just a Romantic stroll and picnic that you have planned this Valentine’s Day. For such casual occasions, G.Ride’s Benedicte backpack is perfect. Its got character whilst also being sturdy enough to carry whatever his many pockets can’t fit.

G.Ride Benedicte Backpack - Then and Now

Overall, bags are always a great choice: they stick around with us for long lengths of time. We all have that old favourite bag that sits right with our old favourite sweater.

You’re basically giving him his new favourite old bag, and when he uses it frequently, (because he’ll love it), he’ll think of you. Aww!


When you think of the perfect gift for men, watches likely come to mind first (if you like him enough!). Watches have two functions: time keeping is the obvious one and the other decorating that handsome wrist.

While nowadays we may look at our phones more often to check the time then we do our watches,  everyone can still appreciate the beauty of a good watch.

A partner who has more traditional leanings would really appreciate a watch this Valentines.

Abbot Lyon is a great choice. Their watches come in a variety of styles and colours so you’re spoilt for choice.

Abbott Lyon Tang Chelsea White Watch - Then and Now

If you’re looking for a chunkier finish, Armogan’s Saint Louis watches are available in more mute but equally beautiful tones.

Armogan St Louis Watch - Then and Now


Cufflinks are another great traditional gift for men; they add that unique finishing touch to an outfit.

They’re a great subtle symbol of the love you share. Our personal favourite is the Monsieur Aristide Cufflinks in Sterling Silver. It’s both beautiful and unique and if rose gold isn’t really your thing there is a more demure option in silver.

Monsieur Fox Aristide Cufflinks in Sterling Silver - Then and Now

Alternatively Le Bon Monsieur Cufflinks come in a variety of colours and add that personalised touch to a business outfit.


Shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe. Why not gift your beau with the perfect pair of shoes you can guarantee will be well loved?

The Angel Blucher by Mybluchers is perfect if you’re looking for formal shoes. The leather shoe features some velvet accents that really add a level of uniqueness.

Mybluchers Angel Blucher in Black for Men - Then and Now

Maybe you’ll even opt to give your Valentines gift early so they can be worn at your celebratory dinner.

If your partner prefers colour in his formal shoes, Anthony miles shoes provide the perfect alternative for that slightly showy man.

Anthony Miles Hearn Brown - Then and Now

Our favourite, the Duke Navy formal, has a wonderful yellow sole visible from the sides angle that is offset by the simple grey and navy of the leather shoes.

Anthony Miles Duke Navy - Then and Now

For the more sporty man Asics Gel Kayano Evo black Sneakers (white sneakers) are a perfect blend of fashionable and sport appropriate. They are versatile trainers that can be worn on a casual errand day, or strictly for those gym sessions he’s sworn to do this New Year.

ASICS Gel Lyte III Triple Black Pure Pack Sneakers - Then and Now

On the other hand, Faguo leather and wattle sneakers are great for day-to-day wear.

FAGUO Leather Sneakers for Men Black - Then and Now

Neither formal nor sporty, your partner could wear this to all the cinema dates and trips to your parents’ that you have planned. And he will love it… almost as much as he loves you.

Have you already got your Valentines Day gifts ready? Have you had any gift disasters?

Let us now!