Bedroom Decoration Ideas: Fairy Light

Many people assume that fairy lights are only acceptable as decoration for the Christmas season. The relaxed atmosphere and imaginative touch they give to a room are just a few of the many reasons this visually effective décor is so popular. Fairy and other decorative party lights are the easiest way to brighten a room up without taking much space. They also allow you to avoid the effect of making a room look cluttered and overpowering. Most fairy lights won’t cost you much, and come in elaborate styles. Beautiful as they may be as they are, we suggest you try designing something yourself. Decorative ideas using fairy lights are a chance to explore your creative side before Christmas arrives. Plus it’s always a bonus to say ‘I made it’ when someone asks!

Other than providing a Pinterest worthy binge post (you’re welcome), we’ve given you some simple, hassle free ideas. They are especially ideal for a student away at university wanting to add a little something extra to the room, or even for those of you who have a smaller space and want to add a cosy vibe on a budget. So if looking at your bedroom, you find yourself staring at a small, plain space, this post is for you:

1)Fairy Light Wall

2)Bottled Fairy Lights

3)Fairy light Mirror

4)Hanging Fairy Lights

5)Fairy Light Shapes

6)How to make your own yarn ball fairy light

1) Fairy Light Wall



One of the easiest ways to brighten up your bedroom is creating a fairy light wall. As dramatic as it may sound, it essentially means choosing a wall and hanging some fairy lights and other decorative ideas on it. This is a great way to conserve space leaving you to hang as much or as little as you want. Ebay has a range of battery powered wall LED lights with hooks for photographs already attached. But if you want to create one, its much easier than you think. For this first decoration idea you’ll need:

  • A pencil
  • Picture hooks (depending on how long your fairy lights are)
  • A hammer
  • Small pegs (if you want to add pictures)
  • And of course some fairy lights

Decide which wall you want the fairy lights hung on and how high you want them placed. Make sure when doing this to use a wall that has or is close to a plug socket, so you can plug the lights in easily. The next step is to mark where you want the picture hooks (which the lights will hang on) on the wall to be. For the best effect don’t worry about being perfect or accurate. The idea is that the fairy lights drape downwards or horizontally across the wall, depending on what style you prefer. We recommend using no less than 6 hooks to utilise the space. When you’ve decided where the nails will be, simply use the hammer, taping the nails slightly into place. Again, they don’t have to be perfect so make the nails as tight or loose as you want.

Finish the wall by hanging the lights. To be even more creative, add the small pegs in the places you want to add pictures, you could even hang postcards, drawings or notes.

2) Bottled Fairy Lights

Bottled Fairy Lights

LED fairy lights will always come in handy. Especially if you want reassurance that there will be no fire hazards and the lights will be safe to touch. This next idea is so simple and a perfect hassle free way to decorate, even with the lights you just want to get out of the way or can never manage to untangle at Christmas! For this decoration idea you’ll need:

  • A bottle or jar
  • Some LED fairy lights
  • Other small décor pieces like pine cones, ribbon or string

This idea involves creating an enchanting atmosphere using what you’ve probably got laying around the house. Grab your favourite bottle or jar. Though we recommend something bigger than a mug, the size is completely up to you. Just make sure you can fit the fairy lights inside and they are battery powered LEDs. If you want to add more decorations to the jar or bottle, wrap the opening of the bottle or jar with some string or ribbon. Brown package string works especially well for a rustic, vintage look. This focal piece will add a subtle shine to your bedroom and can be placed on your beside table, desk or window sill. So perhaps it’s time to get those fairy lights out early!

3) Fairy light Mirror

Fairy light Mirror

This idea looks like it might be a little complicated but trust us, it couldn’t be easier. For this decoration idea you’ll need:

  • Fairy Lights
  • A Mirror
  • Pastel coloured tulle fabric
  • Sellotape

Tulle is a lightweight fine netting, most commonly used on veils, gowns and tutus. It also happens to be the perfect fabric for this idea. You can usually find it in arts and crafts stores in many colours, but even if you can’t, this idea works beautifully without tulle too. Start by cutting the tulle into small pieces. Wrap each piece of tulle around the individual light or LED. Then once you’ve wrapped the tulle you can simple hang the fairy lights on the frame of the mirror. If you want something a little more stable use some transparent tape to stick the cord of the lights onto the frame. This simple idea can transform your plain wardrobe or dressing table into the romantic one you’ve always wanted.

4) Hanging Fairy Lights

Hanging Fairy Lights

Hang them from the ceiling, a canopy, behind your headboard, on your curtains or from the window frame. These are just some of the places this idea works and believe us it makes a difference. Personalised fairy light garlands like this ‘Shore’ one from Esty are perfect for a creative addition to your bedroom without being too childish. Amazon and Ebay also have a wide range of different shaped fairy lights like these silver Filigree heart lights. For this decoration idea you’ll need:

  • Christmas or fairy lights
  • White ceiling hooks
  • Hammer
  • Small nails

Whether you’re doing this in your bedroom for some added festivity or as décor for a party, hanging fairy lights will undoubtedly brighten up the room. The concept is also an ideal decoration idea for fairy lights that come in different shapes, sizes and colours, without being too festive. To achieve this enchanting look for a party or your bedroom, just drape the lights onto whatever surface you want. For a party however you may want to try this décor idea outside. Any posts or walls will come in handy to hang them from. Using them inside will create the same romantic and effortless effect if you haven’t got many decorations around the house. To hang them from a ceiling, nail some ceiling hooks beforehand and hang the lights on these. For your bedroom, use your headboard or curtains, simply drape the lights on the frame and let them fall down for a charming effect!

5) Fairy Light Shapes

Fairy Light Shapes

These quirky bedroom fairy light decorations can be bought from most arts and crafts stores. You can even get more unique designs and fabrics online from Amazon, Ebay, Esty and more. This shabby vintage addition is guaranteed to add a rustic touch to your bedroom regardless of your existing décor or style. They are suited for a minimalistic theme also, depending on the colour you choose. If you decide you want to make one of these from scratch, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some small LED fairy lights
  • Wire hangers
  • Pliers
  • Masking tape
  • Silver spray paint

Grab the hangers and cut off the hooks to make them long pieces of wire. Bend the wire into the shape you want; hearts, stars or half moons are some ideas you could go with. Use the masking tape to hold the shape together using more than one wire if you have to and cut off the excess with the pliers. When you’ve made the shape, spray paint the wire the colour you want. We recommend silver so the focal point can be the lights. Allow the wire time to dry and when it has, wrap the lights around it. Hang the shape from a picture hook on the wall or just place it on a table, and you’ve got another easy piece of decoration for your room!

6) How to make your own yarn ball fairy light

If you have spare time and an artistic vain you could make your own fairy lights at home. This could be a chance for you to update your room’s decoration without spending much.

What you need:

  • yarn or hemp twine
  • school glue
  • balloons

homemade fairy lights

Follow these simple steps for a unique result:

Step one: Get started

First of all, blow the balloons up until you reach the desirable size, one balloon for each twine-ball you want to make

fairy lights - balloons

Step two: Prep materials

Make sure you put some towels or newspapers on your preparation surface to prevent any damage.

Step three: Prep glue

Now make your glue mixture. Mix equal amount of glue and water in a large bowl. The result should be neither too liquid nor too thick. Make sure there’s lots of it as twine is quite absorbent.

fairy lights - glue

Step four: Soak the yarn

Unroll a little bit of the yarn and then soak it inside the bowl.

fairy lights - yarn - glue

Step five: The messy part

Begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon, both vertically and horizontally until you get the desired effect. When you have finished cut the end of the yarn and tuck it underneath another piece so it would not overhang. Do the same for all the balloons.

fairy lights - wrap yarn

Step six: The final stage

Let it dry for a couple of hours on a bowl, so the dripping on the floor could be prevented, until your yarn balls have gone hard. Pop the balloons and remove them carefully.

fairy lights - yarn balloons

Step seven: Personalize your fairy lights

If you used twine, you can now spraypaint it into your desired colours and attach it to your string of fairy lights. You can use either fishing wire or a colourfull string. Hang on the wall or your furniture with more fishing wire or string.

fairy lights - yarn ball