Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are you tired of coming home to a nondescript bedroom? Here are 2 different great home accessories to give your bedroom style and personality according to your budget.

  • Succulent plants
  • Domestic Neon signs

  • Decorative Letters
  • Designer Clocks

1) Succulent plants

Succulent and cacti are some of the most popular decorating trends today. Not only do succulents add a bit of tropical greenery to their surroundings, they are also low maintenance plants and easy to keep alive. With their incredibly diverse repertoire, you can freshen up your room decor to suit your style!

Succulent plants

Here are some ideas on how to decorate with succulent plants:

Murus Terrarium

Perfect for your work desk or shelving in your bedroom, this terrarium is an easy way to incorporate succulent decorations into your every day life.

Succulents - Murus terrarium

Mini Zen Garden

Fit in your moment of zen with your own private meditation garden. Decorate with some swirls in the sand to add a calming effect.

Succulents - Mini Zen Garden

Leafy Bubbles

Dangle in front of a window for a little inside green. Add a creative, attention-grabbing decoration to your urban loft with these glassy orbs.

Succulents - Leafy Bubbles

Stones and Succulents

If you lean more towards minimalism, this succulent decoration idea is made for you.


2) Domestic Neon Signs

What do you usually associate with a neon sign? For many people, the first things that come to mind are bars and restaurants, but this use of neon signs has died off a little, and in its place many more creative ways, for more than just advertising, have started forming.

A neon sign is an interesting way to show a bit of creativity, and depending on the sign you choose and where it is going to be displayed, it can add light and certainly a bit of colour to your bedroom. Neon in interior design is mixed with other styles to create something that is unique to the owner, whether that is a minimalist, modern approach or combined with vintage furniture to create a juxtaposition, you can’t argue that domestic neon is the new trend!

How can you work neon into your home and bedroom décor? We’re here to show you a few examples and inspiration for a bit of light in your everyday life.

Domestic Neon Signs - how to decorate your bedroom


3) Decorative Letters

Cinema lightbox

This brilliant light box is a perfect accessory to add your own touch of style to your home. You can alter the text to display a message of your choice, plus it works as an extra source of light.

Cinema Light Box - how to decorate your bedroom

Alphabet Letters

Add some interest to your bedroom with the decorative Letters. Enhance your walls and surfaces with free standing alphabet letters. Choose between your favourite shape and materials: metal, woods, plastic…

Decoration letters - how to decorate your bedroom

4) Designer Clock

Anyone who thinks that clocks are simply instruments to keep time is wrong. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions and has evolved a lot since its creation. In fact today, clocks are accessories that contribute style to rooms all over the house. Here are two differents types of clocks you can use to personalise your bedroom.

Wall Clocks

wall clocks - how to decorate your bedroom

Alarm and Desk Clocks

Alarm and desk clocks - how to decorate your bedroom