Summer often means reconnecting with your body – in most cases in order to achieve a bikini-ready body – so we believe we couldn’t have found a better moment to talk about your wellbeing. We spoke with Mia, teacher at Sung Yoga and asked her what the 5 steps to reaching the perfect yogic lifestyle are. Here are her precious tips.

1) Show up with an open mind and heart. Discover yourself in new ways through yoga – you might be surprised what you find. Fun, boredom, exhilaration – every day is different. It changes your perspective on and off the mat.

2. Share the yoga practice and joy! Children, teenagers, seniors – no one is too old or too young to do yoga. I have taught in schools, studios, classes for seniors and therapeutic yoga sessions for refugees.

3. Explore with curiosity and compassion. We already have enough stress and demands in our lives: build a stronger body and mind gradually with patience and curiosity.

4. Get off the mat. Practice yoga outside, in the park, by the sea or in the city. The biggest and most beautiful studio is the outdoor.

5. Yoga is everywhere. Birds singing or the hug of a loved one; Yoga is simply approaching life with more awareness and kindness.