This week is all about exploring new territories – figuratively – as we enter the world of interior decoration. We reached out to Desiree, from the blog Vosges Paris, to get some intel on her favourite artists, design studios and brands to follow.


What all of these people have in common is a love for subtle creativity and clean lines, with an undoubted scandinavian flare. So, here are her top 10 choices, enjoy:

1. @andotherstories – Scandinavian fashion brand that recently opened their store in Amsterdam with lots of cool clothes, bags and jewellery, all with a very minimalistic look.

2. @hopesthlm – Another Scandinavian fashion brand; I absolutely love their warm winter coats!

3. @eylandworld – I recently visited Iceland and came across the fashion label Eyland. A Tomboy look with hints of 70s glam rock is the main inspiration behind the brand; probably the two styles I love the most.

4. @COTTDS – Cindy is a Dutch fashion blogger, she loves a monochrome wardrobe, like me, and she recently had a baby boy. She also just opened her own web store for baby clothes, all rigorously B&W!

5. @figtny – Australian blogger with a Scandinavian-inspired minimalistic  style. I love the beautiful light and the green hues in her photos.

6. @anoukbcreativestudio – Uber-talented styling, concept & branding studio that keeps surprising me.

7. @normarchitects – Architecture and design studio in Copenhagen, I am always curious to see what their next project is.

8. @skandinavisk – Danish label offering an exclusive collection of beautiful candles. I would love to see the KOTO candle – our team’s creation – popping up in different homes around the world.

9. @theresesennerholt – Graphic designer I have been following from the very start; lots of cool black and white images, my cup of tea!

10. @AMSNXT – My second personal Instagram account, where I show cool fashion and interiors in my hometown, Amsterdam.