Kendall Jenner Dresses Selection

Head to toe glamour with a twist of sophistication, Kendall Jenner continues to WOW with her choices of dresses and regularly demonstrates that she can effortlessly do it all. Kendall’s fashion moments have always been show-stoppers. This young star continuously makes the headlines and it is clear that she is determined to remain on the top of the ‘Best Dressed’ charts. Read on to explore Kendall’s dress collection and her wide variety of styles.


The Met Gala

Kendall Jenner black glitter-flecked long dress

Those that say that showing too much skin is not attractive, have clearly not seen Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala! On Monday the 1st of May 2017, the international supermodel’s arrival at the Met Gala had all paparazzi in a frenzy. Kendall arrived in a black glitter-flecked La Perla dress – a haute couture gown crated completely with hand-painted crystals.


Kendall Jenner Dresses - Naked DressVogue even awarded her the title of ‘The Best Undressed Celebrity at the Met Gala’ for 2017. The naked dress unveiled her long, elegant legs which were made even longer with the high-waisted thong bodysuit underwear. She also flashed a bit of cleavage from the slashed design across the chest. Kendall even added naked Christian Louboutin pointed pumps to continue her ensemble’s theme. Only a daring and brave fashionista is permitted to break the rules of showing cleavage and leg in one outfit, but Kendall pulled it off perfectly. The Victoria’s Secret model could not look any more seductive if she tried – the La Pearla masterpiece took 160 hours to create.


Head to Toe Read

Kendall Jenner Dresses - Red Dress

True fashionistas break fashion rules and make them their own. This is exactly what Kendall Jenner did to the current Head-to-Toe Red trend. On Saturday March 4th 2017, Kendall was photographed in Paris breaking the rules in style. Rather than all red Kendall reached for a pair of  Balmain brown thigh high python boots, which she modelled on the runway at Balmain’s Fall Paris Fashion Show 2017. She paired her thigh high boots with red lips and a red Ben Taverniti x Unravel Project corset knitted red dress. Kendall rocked this daring style, showing off her striking  figure on a girl’s night out. Though no skin was shown, Kendall Jenner still managed to look effortless and sexy.


 Summer Tropical Dress

Kendall Jenner green floral print mini dress

The penultimate sibling of the Jenner family looked cute and sassy at the Veueve Clicquot Polo Classic on June 3rd 2017. The  event was held at the Liberty State park in Jersey City New Jersey, where the model opted for minimal make up, to keep all focus on the cute green floral print mini dress. The off the shoulder style mini dress is a creation from the 2017 Ortensia Collection by Dolce & Gabbana.


Kendall Jenner Dresses - Polo

Kendall’s outfit created a relaxed, light and summery feel. The off the shoulder pouf sleeves elevated her look and added on-trend boldness, to ensure the dress was perfectly simple yet extravagant at such a prestigious event. She accessorised with a pair of white Stuart Weitzman ankle booties, a matching Dolce & Gabbana box bag, on which she tied a matching scarf, and large hoop earrings. Kendall accentuated one of her best assets – her legs, with the short mini dress. The outfit was extremely aesthetically pleasing, and went perfectly with the season and the event.


 Cannes Film Festival

Kendall Jenner Dresses - Red carpet Cannes

With the help of the winds fresh off the French sea, the reality star turned supermodel made her entrance into the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. With a light, dramatic train, her Giambattista Valli couture white dress spoke volumes and made sure to make a statement at this popular and lavish event.


Kendall Jenner Dresses - white dress

The white mini dress consisted of two huge puffs, one at the sleeve and the other at the waist. She paired this unique look with gold metallic Jimmy Choo heeled sandals and a pair of light nude ankle socks. A challenging, exceptional outfit that only Kendall would think of and be able to pull off so dramatically. She just keeps on raising the bar higher and higher with her selection of dresses.



Kendall Jenner looked fierce in her Versace deep plunge orange, purple, and brown gown at the Magnum Double event in Cannes on May 12th 2016. The printed silk dress went perfectly with her tanned skin, and laced half of the dress brought a slight form of seduction to her attire; strengthened by her choice of a plunged neckline. Exhibiting slight cleavage is no surprise with Kendall of course.


Kendall Jenner Dresses - Versace

She showed off her slim physique with a high thigh slit, giving us a peak at her long legs. Her outfit as a whole looked sleek. Kendall is never anxious nor regretful to unveil an unexpected, confident side of the innocent looking Kendall.


Kendall Jenner Dresses - Magnum Party


Vogue India’s May 2017 Cover Girl is unstoppable and continues to wow her audience with her versatile collection of dresses and fashionable style. The sky is truly the limit for Kendall Jenner. We wonder and wait with excitement of what is to come next from her in 2018. See if you can still keep up with Kendall Jenner then!