How to Choose the Right Dress for your Body Shape

Shopping can be a mixed emotions activity, but no worries – we are here to help! Dressing for your body type can definitely help to eliminate some of the shopping frustrations we all experience in the dressing room. Below we have laid out different body shapes and their best dresses options. So take a peak and head over to our shop to test out your new styling expertise!


How to Choose the Right Dress for your Body Shape

Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape – you’re lucky! Most women try hard to achieve this particular shape. Having a hourglass body shape means that your hips and bust are well balanced and you have a naturally defined waist. Styling your body type means you should focus on keeping your defined. This will help to highlight the balance between your hips and your bust. Belted, strapless and off the shoulder tight fitting dresses are your friends! These will help to style you body perfectly.


Rectangle Shape

Having a rectangle body shape means that your waist, bust and hips are similar in width, therefore your waist is less defined. Having fun stylising your shape by adding curves using prints and Empire waist dresses, shift dresses and A-line skirts. These will flatter your body type.


Triangle Shape

A triangle body shape, also known as a pear shape, is when your hips are larger than your bust. You’re likely to have a well defined waist and carry more weight in the bottom half of your body. Therefore, make sure to highlight the upper part of your body to create balance. Dresses with deep necklines of all kinds are great for the triangle body type, and as well puffed and bold sleeves. Use vibrant colours and unique patterns to draw attention to your top half and keep looking trendy and fashionable.


Inverted Triangle

Having an inverted triangle body shape means that you are larger on the top half of your body than the bottom. Your shoulders are normally wider than your hips and you probably have a larger bust. This shape actually goes well with a lot of garments, so you are at a great advantage. To balance out your shape use straight or A-line dresses that are patterned at the lower half.



If you have a circle body shape you have a larger waist than other body types, and this is usually your most pronounced area. You are likely to gain weight in the centre of your body, and therefore it is best to accentuate your chest, arms and legs. Balance out the weight in the core of the body by drawing attention away from it. Use V-neck or short dresses and make sure to accessorise! Accessories play an important role in your styling.