Winter Outfit Ideas – Midnight Sky

The autumnal season may have only just arrived not long ago, but we’re thinking ahead to winter outfits already. Winter fashion should not just be considered wrapping up warm or rocking festive colours; darker fashion dominates too. Dark clothing was on display as usual on the runways, because this is finally the time to start exploring some dimmer and more sultry looks. Darker colours have the benefits of highlighting any skin tone and flattering body shapes, not to mention the very much appreciated advantage of being easy to style.

Wearing darker colours can also increase confidence and portray a different side of your personality. Ahead of the season, we’ve picked the theme of midnight skies. This theme is mostly associated with black, deep shades of navy blue to emulate night colours and of course some sparkling silver. To style this theme focus less on matching colours and more on statement pieces. Be creative with the fabrics on dresses and coats, leather and faux leather for instance is a great start, lace takes it a step further. When it comes to accessories the bolder the better. Coupling a plain black turtle neck dress with a bold silver necklace or dazzling clutch bag is enough for a chic outfit. We love this theme, so we’ve selected some winter outfit ideas to increase your inspiration.

Winter Outfit Ideas

Winter Outfit Ideas - Midnight Sky


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We hope you enjoyed browsing through some of our favourite outfit pieces for winter. Let us know in the comments what you’re planning to copy and which pieces you think stand out.