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These days, a more casual and relaxed style of clothing among men is really popular. It happens to be one of the best ways to dress comfortably, expressing yourself rather than following convention. Now, indoor clothing has driven away from ‘slobbing stereotypes’ and lavish loungewear is a current essential for the wardrobes of men everywhere. As more trending brands are turning their attention to producing high quality indoor clothing for men, we’re especially following designer Fyne Garments. The up and coming German label, features refined day-to-day pieces from pyjamas, bathrobes and boxer shorts to tracksuits. It now follows a change-driven-approach which it defines as fine fabrics, fine finishing and fine garments. Sounds good to us.

Fyne Garments trends

Founder Josefine Jarzombek, decided to launch her own brand of menswear after working for other renowned designers like Hugo Boss. Prior to her career, she graduated with a Masters degree in Menswear Fashion from the Royal College of Art in London. Launched in 2015, Fyne Garments works with innovative ideas and inspiration from the first half of the 20th century coupled with knowledge of other trending brands. The collection specifically intends to ‘celebrate the private ceremonies of relaxation and recreation’ with tailoring elements. With specific categories and seasonal options, the collections are accessible and keep you fashionable throughout the year. Their designers create their products with aims of environmentally friendly sourcing and certifying of materials. Presently it is made up of 50% sustainable materials and 50% conventional, reducing waste and reusing material and fabric. Its production is based in Germany, making the collection accessible, minimising transport and maintaining better monitoring.

Trending brands - FYNE Garments

Trending brands – ‘STUDIO WORK’ Collection

Their latest Spring/Summer collection, ‘STUDIO WORK’, takes inspiration from artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. It highlights a relaxed style of clothing, as the artist would often wear pyjamas and dressing gowns while working in his studio and during public occasions. Likewise, he manages to combine pyjama trousers with jackets and sneakers redefining the lines between undergarments and top-garments. The statement masculine effect of wearing such relaxed clothing is well suited to the collection but adds a new urban feeling to the trending brand.

Unlike most other small designer brands, Fyne Garments’ pieces have no restrictions to the home. Their designers cross the boundaries and restrictions of clothing. This year at the Euro Fashion Awards in Görlitz, the trending brand displayed its take on indoor as outerwear clothing. It collection demonstrates their sartorial finish and carefully stitched details as well as celebrating craft and style.

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Trending brands – All about the basic

Some days, comfort is key. Okay for most men, everyday. Lounging doesn’t only consist of a baggy t-shirt and loose fitting shorts, unless you want it to of course. If you ever want to look slightly more sophisticated while you watch TV or stop traffic on the way to the shops, this outfit made up of head to toe clothing by Fyne Garments and inspired by the brand’s Spring/Summer collection, creates a whole new level of comfortable. A pair of high quality boxer shorts like Fyne Garments’ Fresh boxer shorts paired with the Pyja striped lounge pants and the Basic striped t-shirt is a perfect outfit for inside the home or beyond. For added comfort or just to cover up, pair on top the Summer dressing gown. Not only do you have a simple outfit but also one that makes you look stylish…where ever you are!





If you’re as excited to see more from Fyne Garments and its innovative ideas for men as we are, leave us your opinions. Who says you can’t style loungewear as outerwear?

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