THEN AND NOW Interviews Joubi Jewellery

Following THEN AND NOW’S arrival of a huge amount of jewellery last week during our phenomenal ‘Jewellery Week’, we met with jewellery designer Joanna Bourne, founder of Joubi Jewellery to get the insider facts on Joubi Jewellery, how it was created and the inspirations behind the Joubi & JB By Jewellery diffusion line.

Who is Joubi?

I am the founder and designer of Joubi. I also feel that I have the profile of a typical Joubi buyer meaning I like to change my style and try new looks depending how I feel on the day. The brand has a huge variation of pieces and looks you can create. A slight change in the gold plating from yellow gold to Black rhodium plating on the Link bracelets for example can transform your look from elegant daywear to a cool rock chick in the evening.

Joubi represents a confident woman with a sense of fashion and style

When did you know you wanted to design a jewellery brand?

I am particularly fond of animals and have grown up surrounded by them. Since I was a child I have had as pets, amongst numerous other animals, doves, deer, peacocks, hedgehogs and pheasant. They truly inspire me, and travelling in Asia and Africa has inspired the more exotic animals that feature in the collection. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint there is no end to the variations you can derive from an animal, from their fabulous colourings and markings to the way that they move and take different forms. People also inspire me, I like to see people mix and match fine jewellery with costume to make it unique to their style, I love to see people layer jewellery and really make it a feature of what they are wearing.

Who would you like to see wearing the Joubi collection?

Although it would be great to see numerousA- list celebrities wearing my jewellery it’s always a nice surprise when I see normal people wearing Joubi who generally do like the brand.

Who is the typical Joubi customer? Please describe him/ her.

I don’t think there is a typical Joubi customer. Joubi has been designed to appeal to all age groups and demographics and the collection was designed to have a piece in it for everyone weather you like to be casual or dressed up.

What makes Joubi different and new to the global Jewellery market?

I feel what separates my brand from the rest is its diversity. I make the pieces that I want. I work alone and do not have to consult anyone, or follow a trend or theme. This allows me to be as creative as I want to be and I hope this is displayed through the collection. I also feel my price points are reasonable for what I am producing. For the main line Joubi collection I use mainly solid 18k gold and only use precious and semi precious gemstones. My pieces are very price competitive and hopefully the designs give my brand an edge over the alternatives.

What are the key & statement pieces of this collection?

The Kosey rings are the most recognised in the collection but the statement pieces would have to be the Flora and Fauna one of a kind rings where i really let my imagination take control. ( Image attached)

Where do you see your pieces being worn?

I often see pieces being worn by celebrities such is Mischa Barton, Paloma Faith, Jourdan Dunn and Kimberly Walsh on the red carpet but I also like to see pieces being worn on a normal day out

What’s been your career highlight so far?

Having one of my favorite celebrities call me personally to design a custom ring for her.

Your favourite place in the world is…?

Thailand! I love the food, culture and energy the country has. I also have a dog and cat rescue charity in Koh Samui so I often visit to keep it running.

Finish the sentence ‘I never leave home without….’ at least one piece of Joubi jewellery!