Wonder what fashion is like in the Far East? We asked our favourite Singapore-based blogger, Jess the Grrl, to share her top picks from the city’s fashion scene. Here’s what she told us…Take notes!

fashion influencers singapore - Jess the Grrl

4 Best Fashion Influencers in Singapore:


fashion influencers singapore - Yesah Yesah

Yesah Yesah is a quirky brand showcasing fresh and bold experimental designs. Perfect for energetic and fearless people.

@depression_official fashion influencers singapore - depression label


Depression is heavily influenced by the street goth and punk scene. This sub-culture label presents dark and edgy designs, not your usual fashion collection.


fashion influencers singapore - Ellie Tan

Ellie Tan is a minimalistic normcore fashion influencer presenting occasional loud and bold statements.


fashion influencers singapore - plaaastic

Plaaastic is a downright 90s wild child turned fashion influencer, with a great passion for black.