Stylish Girl: Her 9 Best Habits

Having a good sense of style and fashion is something everyone has at least thought of once or twice. The features of a stylish girl are constantly adapting in the changing world of fashion. One thing that does not change is the mindset of these people. You know the ones we’re talking about. The ones that just look so cool all the time that you wonder what magical process happens when they are shopping or picking an outfit to wear in the morning. Surprisingly another myth assumed of stylish people is that they are celebrity level rich… that the reason they constantly look like models out of a magazine is that they can splurge on big brands and new trends. Well that is far from the truth, keep scrolling to find out more habits of a stylish girl. Some might just surprise you!

Stylish Habit 1 – Don’t stress about trends


The fashion industry is one that is extremely fast paced. What’s here today might not be there tomorrow. Things are constantly changing and stylish people, like Olivia Palermo, understand this. That’s why you won’t find them stressing about following what is trending. Most people would be perfectly happy spending hours scouring Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. Stylish people on the other hand don’t bother about what everyone else is wearing, especially because they can usually find something with the same vibe and pull it off. Even better, they can usually just find something that incorporates the trends but doesn’t emulate them exactly. Why, they want to stand out, of course, who wants to look like everyone else? Fashion bloggers and enthusiasts usually get sent stuff for free also. And as part of their work or interests, they try new things out. So the truly stylish girl has a general idea of the trends but adds to them, not copies them.

Stylish Habit 2 – Be Versatile


Most stylish people have a few pieces of clothing that can be worn with absolutely everything. Aside from being a really smart habit, saving you money, it makes outfit choices so easy. Choices like a staple leather biker jacket, a plain white tee or some distressed jeans work with any style or occasion. Pieces like these are simply timeless meaning they will never go out of style. Even the biggest sartorialists will admit that they maximise versatility, increasing the amount of multi-seasonal pieces. Especially in the UK, where seasons seem to blend over and into one another, multi-seasonal, highly versatile pieces are crucial. Bonus fact, stylish people are not concerned with having a new piece for every outfit. Mixing and matching what they have with new additions works with the changing environment of fashion. So when your stylish friend says her heels “are from like 5 years ago”, she probably means it!

Stylish Habit 3 – Own your style


For a lot of people finding out your own style is one of the most difficult things they can do. It’s sort of like finding out who you are, you might not know where to start. Look to what you love and you think looks good on you. When you have some inspiration, you can start piecing things together to get that certain look. Following your own sense of style is so important rather than blindly copying. The most stylish people look good in their own unique way. Having fun with fashion is what it’s all about rather than being a slave to it. A little hint for this habit, don’t think of only what she is wearing, think of how she is wearing it. Maybe it is a plain white shirt, tucked in to a pair of jeans rather than hanging loose. It all about what looks good on you.

Stylish Habit 4 – Don’t obsess over labels


If you’re really stylish, you have the ability (or superpower) to make anything look fashionable. Stylish people never really focus on the brands of their clothing because this isn’t what makes the outfit ‘cool’. You can add one or two expensive splurges to your collection, just don’t allow them to dominate your wardrobe for the sake of their recognisable labels. Finding designer fashion for less signifies good taste and shows more concern for style rather than showing off a name. Plenty of affordable or medium priced sites and stores have similar styles and a good quality. Stylish people are the kinds that step out in public wearing average priced jeans and a jumper and look cool. Perhaps having a confident attitude seals the deal too, but that’s a whole different habit.

Stylish Habit 5 – Plan outfits


This habit is one that most people tend to struggle with. These people tend to almost have a nervous breakdown in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. Stylish people know other advantages of planning outfits as well as saving time and stress. The main one being that it actually gives you time to filter through what you have and select the best. A well thought out outfit could actually be a whole lot simpler than you imagined. Planning also allows you to find some hidden treasures you didn’t know you had or couldn’t see in the rush of looking for something. Also remember that style includes hair and makeup and stylish people tend to plan these too.

Stylish Habit 6 – Look less ‘put together’


Have you ever noticed that stylish people always look a little different from everyone else? They stand out, not necessarily because they are wearing something dramatic and crazy. They just look a little more cool… a little more effortless. Whether it is that they are wearing a biker jacket when everyone else is wearing a blazer, or they are wearing a pair of white sneakers when everyone else opted for ankle boots. These small little features may seem unrecognisable to everyone else but they make a difference. This habit gives more of a self-assured vibe that everyone not only respects but wants.

Stylish Habit 7 – Be Creative


Sometimes developing your own style can mean you make a few mistakes before you get it right. Experimentation in fashion is common for truly stylish people, this may mean having a few crazy pieces. Most fashionable people are often confused with being stylish. There however is actually a difference. Fashionable people may be fazed by colourful ‘out there’ looks because they aren’t considered to be cool. They are following what is seasonal. Stylish people on the other hand march to the beat of their own drum. As long as they like it, and it is relatively fashionable, they’ll wear it.

Stylish Habit 8 – Don’t dress with the intention of being stylish


Do you remember a time before fashion blogs, street style, even before fashion week? Believe it or not, at this time women dressed with the intention of dressing for themselves. They wore what they loved and enjoyed wearing, and not just to be recognised for what they were wearing or more importantly, where they got it from. The focus was on clothes that didn’t have the brand’s logo on the front, long before everyone started checking if something was ‘real’. Take it from us – if you’re wearing some Louboutin’s you can’t walk in, you probably won’t be considered stylish. Now, throw on a pair of heeled ankle boots with the high neck dress you were thinking of wearing… voila: stylish.

Stylish Habit 9 – Be confident


Last but definitely not least, probably the most important habit of the stylish girl is the resounding confidence they have. What is most attractive about them is how comfortable they feel and look in their own skin. Why wouldn’t they be, when they are wearing what they want? This emphasises the benefits that come with choosing what you like, not what you feel you need to have. Once you stop worrying about what people think and focus on what you love, styling becomes more enjoyable!