New York Fashion Week AW16

Trend: Indie Folk

The indie vibe is present year round, but it hasn’t been seen in the high fashion runway scene for a couple of seasons. This season designers used different shaped hemlines to mix it up a bit. They also made this typical boho style classy & edgy. We are obsessed with the Tanya Taylor dress’s collar neckline, sheer centre and ruffle hemline.

New York Fashion Week AW16 - Trend Indie Folk - Then and Now Shop

Trend: Revolt

We definitely have seen a return of the 90’s in the past few years in street fashion, but it looks like the grunge-inspired looks have made it back onto the runway at many shows where we weren’t expecting to see them. With this trend, you can choose how far you want to take it. You can go all out with an outfit inspired by Alexander Wang or put together a more casual look to resemble R13’s style. The revolt trend is perfect for the urban streets of NYC and will definitely be a strong trend this upcoming autumn.

New York Fashion Week AW16 - Trend Revolt - Then and Now Shop

Trend: Bow Blouse

This trend has been starting to slowly make its way onto the scene this spring 2016, but don’t pass up on this trend just yet because there will be a lot of it this upcoming autumn. The bow blouse is classy, sophisticated and a bold piece to add to your wardrobe next season. It also has a very upper-class feel to it.

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New York Fashion Week AW16 - Trend Bow Blouse - Then and Now Shop

Trend: Belted Waists

The runway has been heavily inspired by the 70’s again. Each year different pieces are coming back onto the scene. This season the belted waist is back and accentuating both the runway and your shape. Wear it with a skirt, trousers, or over a jacket in a large or a skinny belt and you’ll be right on trend.

New York Fashion Week AW16 - Trend Belted Waists - Then and Now Shop

Trend: Regimental

This trend has a very aristocratic feel to it. It is trendy, preppy and has a regal quality. The patches and embellishments seen on many of the pieces are inspired by the classic preparatory school uniform and royal guard outfit. This is something that you would see worn on the Upper East Side Park Avenue fashionistas of NYC. Pretend you are Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and walk with your head held high like Gigi Hadid when trying out this trend.

New York Fashion Week AW16 - Trend Regimental - Then and Now Shop