Men’s Fashion Week Trend Report AW16

Trend: Victorian Rebel

The Victorian style is a classic trend that developed here in London during the reign of Queen Victoria. The style has been making its way back into the fashion scene over the past couple of years. This AW16 keep your eye out for this trend, which we’ve noticed featuring in a lot of outerwear and suits. The Victorian Rebel trend offers a modern and rebellious take on the classic look.

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Trend: Street Spirit

Having bold street style has become a huge trend amongst fashionistas everywhere. Men love to have a bold look that makes them stand out. This trend offers unique and cool streetwear-inspired looks that will be a huge hit on the streets this season.

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Trend: City Sunday

Sundays are for relaxing, but they’re also a day for exploring on the weekends and brunching in the city. The city Sunday trend offers a balance of city chic and relaxing comfort pieces. It is perfect for your weekend out in the city as you will look sharp and casual, and still on trend.

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Trend: Bright Life

Menswear has grown greatly in the fashion industry over the past few years. It is not to go unnoticed and the menswear trends are truly standing out on the runway. This AW16 get ready to stand out and be bright. Bright colours, prints and patterns were a hit on the runway at LCM and really showed off different individual styles.

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Trend: Soft Utility

When we think of the utility and military-inspired pieces we think strong and masculine. You tend to see a lot of cargo pockets and army print. This AW16 the trend is a soft utility, which is still masculine and strong, but a lot less so than the trend has typically offered in the past. There are still cargo pockets and army green colours but it is a much more relaxed look that can be worn day to day. Our favourite part of this trend is the extra cargo pockets everywhere, because who doesn’t love to have pockets?

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Trend: Western World

The western style has always been a strong influence when it comes to American designs. Something about the Wild West, cowboys, and horse back riding has always had that cool vibe to it. This trend is going to be strong in AW16 so grab your fedoras and take a chance on this modern Western look.

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Trend: Groovy Intellect

The 70’s have been making their way back onto the runway this past season for both Men & Women’s shows in New York. This take on the groovy style is more of a smart and chic look. Look well put together yet effortlessly cool this upcoming AW16 by embracing this hip trend.

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Trend: Gent Noir

We all know that New York is known for its favourite colour being black when it comes to fashion. This trend focuses on the gentlemen wearing all black. Not only is this a chic look for men, but it also is a mysterious and sexy look that will keep people guessing what you’re all about when they pass you on the street.

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Trend: Grunge Camp

Grunge has been making a comeback along with the 90’s revival we have seen on the streets this past year. On the runways this season, we’ve seen a lot of subtle takes on the grunge look. Still with its oversized pieces and plaid, the classic grunge look has been revamped and is more appropriate for everyday wear. Get inspired for this look by pulling out your old Nirvana CDs and channelling your inner 90’s style.

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Trend: Caravan

The term caravan often relates to a group of travellers. This trend is inspired by outerwear and travelling looks. We all love to travel in style these days, so this trend gives you inspiration to step up your travel attire. The look is clean and rugged at the same time and gives off a strong masculine look.

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London Collections Men: Streetwear Looks

We’ve collated just a few of the various looks we saw on the streets of London during LCM that stood out to us. Which one would you emulate in your day-to-day outfit?

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