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Joanna Bourne launched Joubi in 2010. Bourne’s vision was to create a wearable and versatile jewellery collection that kept up with modern trends through exceptional quality and style. Bourne likes to draw inspiration from her years of travel, love of animals, and fascination with natural metals and gemstones. Shop Joubi

joubi stud earrings

Maria Francecsa Pepe

Maria Francecsa Pepe‘s hand crafted ‘jewellery wear’ is a new concept on fashion jewellery, that pushes the boundary between accessories and clothing. Her London avant garde inspired collection has been growing worldwide for three years, her work has been growing worldwide for three years, her work has been recognised by Lady Gaga amongst many other celebrities. Shop Maria Francecsa Pepe

Maria Francesca Pepe swarovski cuff


Marie June

Marie June presents exclusively handcrafted and 3D digitally fabricated jewellery. Inspired by ingenuity, empowers individuality, and stimulates appreciation of the natural complexities we encounter, yet overlook, on a daily basis. At Marie June each piece is unique. Each item is specially tailored for the respective customer for them to stand out and look great. Shop Marie June


marie-junerivulets necklace

Edge of Ember

Powered by local artisans in developing communities, Edge of Ember believes that stylish luxury jewellery can be made ethically with love. No mass-produced wares, no unfairly paid makers. Just solid, quality jewellery made by happy hands in a sustainable way. The designs are created in London and produced in collaboration with small artisan businesses globally. Shop Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember mely ring

CF Concept

CF Concept was founded by Charlotte Flyvholm, a London-based Danish designer, whose jewellery is the product of passion and creative flair. The collections are characterised by unconventional beauty and distinguished designs laying particular emphasis on wearability. Shop CF Concept

CF Concept lndn ring


Poporcelain is an independent designer brand of handmade porcelain jewellery. Every piece of porcelain has experienced more than 10 hours of kiln firing, with temperatures reaching over 1200°C. Most of them need to be fired twice or even three times. Poporcelain is not about diamonds or gem stones; it’s about earth that has been dug from the ground. Shop Poporcelain

Poporcelain vintage earrings

KIND Jewellery

KIND Jewellery has effortless simplicity at its heart. Founded by artist and designer Tansy Haak after a wild, wandering adventure through Europe, India and Sri Lanka. The idea was to create a line of jewellery for ALL KIND, which does not discriminate against age or personal style. The making process is at the core of KIND Jewellery. The debut collection is 100% handmade in London with a focus on quality and responsibly sourced materials. Shop KIND Jewellery

KIND Jewellery hoop earrings

FERA Jewellery

FERA Jewellery is a handmade jewellery brand born out of a fascination for the alchemical properties of metal and gemstones. Created by Jo Gordon, a British designer, as a creative expression of her intrigue for the magic, the rituals and the mythology in many cultures. Having studied traditional jewellery making techniques at the renowned School of Jewellery, Jo launched FERA in 2014 and leads something of a nomadic lifestyle through her passion for travel and foreign cultures. Shop FERA Jewellery

FERA Jewellery animii ring


AnUka was founded by English-born designer Francesca Kippax in early 2012. Having graduated from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham in 2010, Francesca’s designs focus on simplicity, while allowing for strong, bold forms and smooth finishes. Her elegant and striking range of jewellery is perfect for every occasion. Shop AnUka

AnUka negative bangle


Charlotte Valkeniers

Charlotte Valkeniers launched her jewellery label in 2013, using a minimalistic approach throughout all of her collections. Every single one of her pieces is intricate and unique with an emphasis on attention to detail. Charlotte uses polished silver and gold in combination with her signature satin finish. The brand’s signature style, described as ‘Scandinavian with an English perspective’, is linear and geometric, with a surprise in the details. Shop Charlotte Valkeniers

Charlotte Valkeniers hoops


Alison Fern

Alison Fern is a self taught jewellery designer living and working in London. All of her pieces are individually crafted by hand and in limited quantities. Alison’s design sensibilities swing between delicate and feminine, and a desire for something a bit tougher and with an edge. Marrying the influence of the delicate romanticism of nature and the urban and vibrant side of the city, Alison creates delicate and feminine pieces with a modern and bold feel. She uses quality materials such as 14k gold and sterling silver to produce wearable and low-key pieces. Shop Alison Fern

Alison Fern Jewellery hannah necklace


Linni Lavrova

Linni Lavrova launched her label in 2015 but she herself has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Her jewellery line is created from semi-precious stones mixed with pure silver or gold filled silver parts. Each piece is handcrafted in the studio giving it a unique finish. The newest collection is inspired by the colours of love and hope. Linni captured the feeling of a fairy tale in her jewels. Delicate elements were fixed with handpicked ethereal gemstones. The products are like a talisman and companion in those special moments. Shop Linni Lavrova

Linni Lavrova ivia bracelet


Glenda Lopez

Glenda Lopez studied at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, specialising in Artistic Jewellery, where she developed her contemporary vision. The designer collections are a series of unique and exclusive pieces of jewellery with visual elements, from delicate flowers or animals to sharp and aggressive mechanical objects. Glenda Lopez re-invents these objects into exciting jewellery pieces, all while maintaining the high quality and attention to detail of handmade jewellery. Shop Glenda Lopez

Glenda Lopez cat ring


Majdan Rocks

Majdan Rocks is jewellery that inspires conversation, draws on emotions and challenges tradition. The woman behind the brand is Iwona Majdan, a professional artist, and jewellery designer obsessed by pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. With Polish roots and a Canadian upbringing, Iwona has successfully fused a background in provocative situational art with designing jewellery that is daring and edgy, yet completely beautiful in form. Shop Majdan Rocks

Majdan Rocks gold ring


Embodying the essence of Colombia, Vanilo designs are infused with the passion and beauty that reflects the rich cultural heritage. Vanilo merges traditional techniques found in the diverse regions of Colombia with contemporary style and creates pieces of timeless beauty. Vanilo takes an active role in supporting Colombia’s artisans, and it is privileged to collaborate with female heads of families and filigree craftsmen. Vanilo is proud to support the preservation of traditional techniques whilst providing outlets for new design talents and creativity. Shop Vanilo

Vanilo celeste-ring-gold

Cielle London

London based designer and artist Seree Kang has worked with a host of high-profile fashion and lifestyle brands including Alfred Dunhill, Jo Malone and Estee Lauder’s companies over the past 10 years, before embarking on the adventure of creating her own brand: Cielle London. Cielle London is the manifestation of Kang’s desire to bring elegance and joy into daily life. Shop Cielle London

Cielle London Pastel Leaves Bracelet

Êtretoit Jewellery

Êtretoit Jewellery was founded by Central Saint Martin’s graduates Yerin Jeon. The Êtretoit collections are pure interpretations of modern minimalism and contemporary architecture. Each design features simplified shapes, clean lines, perfect curves, and incorporates delicate 14/18-karat gold, made exclusively in Seoul, South Korea, by the finest jewellers. From creation to completion, the jewellery pieces reflect Êtretoit’s commitment to quality and design. Shop Êtretoit Jewellery

Etretoit diamon ring

ORA Pearls

ORA Pearls was created by pearl specialist and jewellery designer Bibi Southwell, who has spent over a decade sourcing and developing relationships with pearl farming communities and gem suppliers all over the world. Bibi’s vision is to bring new life to the way pearls have been traditionally worn with fresh and fashion-forward designs and branding at affordable prices. Shop ORA Pearls

ORA Pearls black ring



Osylia is a recently established London-based jewellery brand, focusing on bringing together contemporary silhouettes with distinctive designs. Osylia pays utmost attention to detail from design through to production, bringing aesthetics, ergonomics and quality together in beautifully finished statement pieces. Every unique Osylia piece tells a different story. Shop Osylia

Osylia duo earrings yellow

Talia Naomi

Jewellery designer Talia Naomi set out to create a gold jewellery line especially for the girl who is always on the go, loves life and values quality. Inspired by her love of travel and the beach, her aim was to design a collection that, being solid gold, could be worn at all times – even when plunging into the sea. Her range is perfect for holidays and glistens day and night. Talia Naomi looks to make fine gold jewellery accessible to all and offers the same quality as luxury jewellery brands, at affordable prices. Shop Talia Naomi

Talia Naomi evil bracelet

Afew Jewels

Tihare Jacobs, the founder and designer of Afew Jewels had many roles under her belt – an artist contracted by the Vatican, a civil engineer, a fashion designer and an industrial designer to name a few. The incredible lineage of women in her family have helped to shape and influence her desire to create. Afew Jewels started with a desire for matching moments, experience, feeling and passion, distilled into singular design concepts. Shop Afew Jewels

Afew Jewels ring