Fashion Designer: ITEM m6 INTERVIEW

Item M6

Leading compression and shapewear brand ITEM m6 (click the link for the collection), explain the philosophy behind what they do, and how their body beautifying products work. Answering our questions, they give us an insight into the science behind their products and why their designs provide the ultimate results.

What was the inspiration behind the name ITEM m6?

The name ITEM m6 comes from the experience gained from traditional Chinese medicine, which teaches that the life force (chi) runs through the 12 meridians in the human body.

The acupuncture point m6 sits on the main meridian, which regulates the energy flow in the body and is located on the inside of the leg, just two fingers above the ankle. It is from this point that the special effects of our products unfold. Comfortable pressure that starts at the ankle and gradually decreases up the leg not only invigorates the entire body but also gives legs an even more attractive shape and makes them lighter for a feeling of energy and freshness the whole day through. Wearers enjoy a sense of well-being and a perfect look thanks to ITEM m6.

Can you explain the ethos of your brand?

Behind ITEM m6, there is medi: one of the worldwide leaders in medical compression products with experience of more than 65 years. medi’s philosophy is to make people feel better with long-lasting products of superior quality and high standards in production. This kind of principle was translated into a fashion, lifestyle world. ITEM m6 hence offers high-end legwear and shape-wear, which has been produced with high standards, and always with passion and love for detail. Craftsmanship plays a big role throughout the whole production process, as we believe that hand-made and made in Germany are two of the major factors for superior quality and uniqueness. No ITEM m6 product leaves the factory if it is not perfect.

ITEM m6 stands for innovation, high quality and high-tech yarns combined with beautiful design. Every product has its special extras, which serve to beautify the skin, boost energy and make the wearer feel comfortable and shaped at the same time.

Item M6 socks

Why did you launch into the shape-wear industry?

All of the ITEM m6 products have a shaping effect. With the precisely defined pressure (decreasing from ankle upwards) the product fits perfect and gives the body the perfect shape. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and shaped in the right way.

What does your brand offer, that other shape-wear brands don’t?

ITEM m6 shape-wear gives perfect curves, a smooth silhouette and even one whole size smaller without feeling like a corset on the body. ITEM m6 shape-wear gives women a better posture and a wellness feeling all day long. There are two types of shaping levels – soft shape – perfect for every day, and strong shape for the ultra-intense shaping effect.

Item M6 pink

Can you explain to us how the skin-enhancing science works?

The precisely defined pressure from the compression yarn does not only provide a perfect fit of the products, it also improves blood circulation and boosts the oxygen supply. This results in an improved microcirculation and healthier skin with a lasting beautifying effect on the skin

How do you make sure the figure-enhancing elements in your products are discreet?

With medi being the expert in compression, we have special machines and the know-how to integrate the high-tech yarns into the products. Our designs enhance and flatter every woman’s body.

Item M6 Women & Men

Can you tell us more about the concept behind the anti-cellulite “beauty tights”?

ITEM m6 BEAUTY TIGHTS: Particles of bioactive minerals melted into the yarn reflect the body’s own heat and convert this into a special type of infrared radiation, which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate microcirculation and promote metabolism. This also enhances the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Can you explain why German manufacturing is of such importance to your brand?

medi is a traditional and family-run company, which has always put the utmost importance on “Made in Germany” as it offers the best conditions and machines resulting in high-quality products.

What is next for ITEM m6?

A lot of new innovations on the legwear and shape-wear market and great designs.

We would like to thank ITEM m6 for spending their time answering our questions, and providing us with the amazing details behind their intelligent products. We can’t wait to see the results of the innovative shape wear!