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This week has seen the most coveted THEN AND NOW fashion & holiday gifts, showcased in our #InfluencerHolidayCalendar picked by none other than the MetroUK’s Style Editor at Large Bel Jacobs, Draper’s Fashion Writer Emily Norval, bloggers Thank FiFi, The Fashion Ache and sartorial menswear influencers blogger Javone Armada and Style Pilot CEO Jim Cruickshank.

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#THENANDNOWXmasParty Chotto Matte Review

Like most companies in the UK, we too celebrated the festive season at the #THENANDNOWxmasparty with an intimate dinner and drink’s at fashion’s new dining hotspot, Chotto Matte.

The dim light, graffiti clad Japenese/ Peruvian fused restaurant, Chotto Matte spread of three floors and in the heart of London’s Soho was a brilliant location to host our festivities due to it’s buzzing ‘Manhattan’ style atmosphere and interesting choice of decor. Our favourite find at Chotto Matte was the toilets although both the men’s and women’s bathroom were not easy to navigate correctly. Still the bathrooms in their own right were stylish, cool and worth their own mention.

The menu which was extremely extensive yet completely delicious was carefully explained by our dedicated waitress who recommended we tried a delicious array of ‘While You Wait’ starters including Cassava & waif Sweet Potato chips, salted Padron peppers, Oysters whilst for the main we went big on the sharing dishes and filled the tummies of five lively creatives with Turbot & Scallop Tiradito, Sea Bass Ceviche (a sublime dish), Cangrejos de concha blanda (a delicious soft shell crab) and the Lomo Fino, the must have dish (meat lovers only) on the menu as recommended by the #THENANDNOWteam.