FASHION WEEK SURVIVAL KIT by artlastsforever


This week THEN AND NOW asked Vil from the blog Art Lasts Forever to share with us her Fashion Week must haves, here is what she suggests…

London Fashion Week is just around the corner. As much as everyone likes to show their well planned out outfits, and go to every possible show they are invited to, there are couple of things that you need to take with you, to survive this fashionable fiesta.

1. PHONE – It is not only the case that you need to contact your friends (trust me, there is a possibility that you will get lost at some point), more importantly, how are you going to take pictures, update your instagram and document everything around you? Let’s be honest, no one brings around SLR cameras anymore (unless they are photographers).

2. PHONE CHARGERThere is nothing worse than your phone dying. Not only because of the previous point mentioned but also because you will be able to find your friends and go to the hottest after party in town, only thanks to your smartphone. Let’s not forget the taxi. At the end of the day/night, who wants to ride the bus?

3. SMALL WALLET (with a little bit of cash) – When I first went to London Fashion Week that was always a case with me. As much as everyone like to pay by card these days, there were so many cases that I wish I had 1 quid to spend on one little bottle of water!

4. WATER – Hydration is key. Especially when you are running around all day long. If you forget this important step, you will soon start to feel dizzy and dehydrated. And who wants that when you have so many things to experience?


5. UMBRELLA – Make sure you carry an umbrella with you! This bit is so so so important. It will always going to start raining at the most unexpected time. And you’ll find yourself trying to protect you hair, makeup and the outfit from a total disaster. Don’t forget that an umbrella can totally be part of your outfit. If you are a little bit worried about that, just try a see trough umbrella. Problem solved.

These are the 5 main things you should carry around, to avoid those small disasters, that will ruin your day. Other than that, you can always add things like hand sanitiser, chewing gums and tissues, these are just a few suggestions, that you can adjust to your own needs. Most importantly, smile and don’t forget to have fun!