Fashion Trends: Autumn Winter 2016

Like all things, summer will eventually come to an end, with memorable days of pastels and beloved denim. We’re optimistic though because now, the cooler seasons are around the corner. So it’s finally time to break down the latest Fashion Trends for autumn and winter. This year’s style includes modern and vibrant ideas as well as taking a delve back in time to some old loves. Three words to take you into these seasons: bold, vivid and powerful!

Fashion Trends – Dressing to a tone

One thing developing in trend this year, is styling according to colour and patterns. During autumn and winter, think warm tones, colours with a yellow undertone to brighten the skin. Warmer colours associate with socialising and are even more attractive when the weather itself isn’t too bright and colourful. They are motivating and exciting as the seasons change. Browns, oranges and reds were frequent during fashion week in Paris and New York over the summer. Next month in London, they are set to do the same. So if you’re trying to find the right colour for your complexion and body, consider crisp orange/browned leaves, coppery or golden skin and warm coloured eyes. For those with naturally cooler toned or fairer skin with blue undertones, try exploring both light and dark purples. Couple these with different shades of blue and occasionally greys and taupes. These earthy tones are easy to coordinate with each other, and still give you a confident, chic look. Cool tones also present a calmer style of clothing while emphasising your complexion.

Autumn and winter Fashion Trends - Warm tones

Fashion Trends – Puffer and oversized jackets

Currently, oversized jackets are stealing our hearts and the runways, and the trend is far from over. The jackets originally built for comfort and warmth are taking a fashionable turn on the high street. During what’s left of the year and beginning of 2017, expect more draped and enormous coats. Kim Kardashian frequently shows us how to rock the perfect nude, black and brown oversized jacket. And during Paris Fashion week, Stella McCartney’s fall collection exhibits an updated style of outerwear in different colours and textures. Over dresses or a simple crop top and jeans, the style of these jackets can be paired with various outfits. But this year, think bolder and even more dramatic. On runways, puffer jackets appear in all kinds of looks ranging from the sporty girl with tracksuit bottoms and trainers, to even more stylish looks coupling a bright coloured puffer jacket with a pair of black jeans and contrasting pumps.

Autumn and winter Fashion Trends - Puffer jackets

Fashion Trends – High shine, metallic and sequins

This spring trend will add a little extra glitz to our wardrobes and outfits this autumn. Although dazzling in the sun, this style is not limited to warm weather, and promises to shine in the coming months. With designers exploring overlapping sequin and metallic looks, what you may think is hard to pull off is changing. Gold, silver, matte bronze and chromatic looks were stunning at shows including Fendi and Oscar de la Renta. Other designers like Marc Jacobs were opting for the sequin look channelling old-school flapper glamour and charm, mixing bold purple and red colours. Sequin and metallic jackets were also popular for autumn and winter collections, mingling with wet looking vinyl and leathers. Coupling these jackets and dresses with heeled knee high or ankle boots is perfect for the end of year season.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends - Metallic looks

Fashion Trends – The 80’s are back

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - 80's retro

The same era that features our cherished bomber jackets, ripped and boyfriend jeans, is definitely here to stay. Western fashion in the 1980’s was heavily inspired by luxurious and bold outfit choices and accessories. 2016’s autumn and winter runway trends feature entire 80’s retro looks, some focusing on youth culture. We love the exuberance and buoyancy of this period inspired by the different genres. Versace, Dior and Moschino feature pieces including off one shoulder clothing, 80’s grunge rock, miniskirts and abstract animal prints, and in the men’s department especially, tracksuits taking inspiration from 80’s athletics wear. Since the early years of the 80’s era, some athletic wear has consistently remained just as popular as jeans, if not more. This includes more basic polyester, polo shirts and relaxed hoodies paired with fabric prints and denim. Currently sportswear is continuing to evolve to regularly feature in most people’s casual everyday look.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Athletic wear

Fashion Trends – Fur coats and shearlings

We struggle to think of a recent year fur didn’t dominate autumn and winter fashion and of course designers hearts. As seen in Fendi and Burberry, faux and real fur pieces capture all attention when walking into a room. If this sounds like you, it may be time to grab that statement fur or shearling jacket you’ve been considering getting. Last year, we saw the shearling jacket emerge with designers giving it innovative looks and more urban vibes. Alternatively named ‘sheepskin’, it is no longer only associated with the ‘warm winter jacket’. This fall, the trend takes a more luxurious style on the high street, particularly in the form of a cool mix of a statement biker jacket with the lavish hint of fur around its collar. Also seen is the longer brown shearling jacket, some jeans and ankle boots… perfectly chic.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Men 's fur

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Fashion Trends – Velvet

If you ever feel your style needs something a little more luxurious, this trend is seriously screaming your name. This autumnal and winter fashion fabric is not only classy and lavish but has a delicate hint of cool too. Plus you’ll constantly want to touch these pieces, ranging from bright yellow mustard to dark aubergines. Collections by Christopher Kane, H&M and Gorgio Armani feature statement two piece velvet suits, a stylish spin on another trend. For men, more corduroy trousers and bombers with creative designs and patterns. And if you’re just starting out with this trend, a simple velvet dress or jacket is enough to turn heads.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Velvet

Fashion Trends – Animal motifs

Designers including Alexander Wang made leopard prints and other stand out animal themes a must have in our wardrobes. And there’s a reason they’ve managed to stay current since the era of leopard printed tights and Zebra striped faux fur jackets. Daring as they may be, the timeless colours and patterns make any look instantly more fashionable. A printed blazer jacket or some spotted trousers with a plain shirt are more than adequate for the high street. For runway ready styles however, all over leopard printed dresses or contrasting prints in a jacket and skirt are seriously notable. There isn’t a better time to go ahead and be bold and creative.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Animal Motif

Fashion Trends – Menswear, new movement

Calvin Klein was one of the main designers to lead this trend of plaid and pinstripe suits for women. Recently it has been venturing in and out of style among celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Cara Delevingne as a statement evening look. They may take inspiration from ‘granddad’ vibes, but these statement checks and stripes are far from archaic. The trend is perfect for elongating the body and creating a slim silhouette regardless of your body type. Also, the lined features of the outfit eliminate the ‘masculine’ feel it may have once had. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a skirt or trousers, you will definitely mean business in this street-style ensemble. This year however, we’re not just talking two piece suits… In Milan and Paris, shows consisted of shirts, ties and shoes. Talk about giving the man a run for his money.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Menswear movement

Fashion Trends – New florals and patterns

Another trend standing firm this year is bold floral, interior patterned motifs and integrating nature into outfits. This is already a big trend and regardless of what some people think, it isn’t just for summer! Swarms of flowers were owning the autumn and winter inspired runways, spreading all over long dresses in dense structures. Designs also include metallic and botanical themes in shows for Dolce and Gabbana and Alberta Ferretti. And the patterns weren’t only on dresses. Anna Sui’s collection displays floral tights and Balenciaga shows some floral knee high boots. Though the looks may edge more towards runway ready style, there are many subtle pieces suitable for the high street as well. Using both warm and earthy muted tones, this trend is definitely one we’re watching in the coming months, especially for evening wear.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - florals

We know how tempting these trends are, so we’ve put together some outfit inspiration to give you a head start for these coming seasons. Have fun and recreate the style dominating the runways!

Fashion Trends – Get the look – Heavy Florals

 Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - Heavy Florals outfitRocking a floral look on autumn nights is no longer daring. Pair this slim maxi gown by Ethologie with a pair of nude low heeled pumps suited for both formal or casual wear. Long earrings and statement sunglasses were features on the runway also with these heavily detailed floral designs. Coupling the gown with a pair of long dangling earrings like Edge of Ember’s Tessa’s earrings will recreate the style. Established’s Amos green sunglasses resemble some of the classy statement pieces in shows like Gucci and Tory Burch.





Fashion Trends – Get the look – 80’s Retro

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend - 80's look outfitThe 80’s are totally back in full force this year, so prepare to stun in this retro glam look that is both chic and simple. One shoulder dresses were all over runways for Versace and other designers, so here is one way to rock the trend. Rani Zakhem’s one shoulder lace mini dress coupled with a pair of black thin tights will give you that understated but effortless 80’s look. For some pop of colour on nights out, adding a sparkling gold coloured clutch bag and a pair of dangling earrings seals the deal, and this look.





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