After giving you tips on how to catch the attention of a street style photographer and recommending the best fashion instagram accounts to follow, we’re having Larissa from the fashion blog From Hats to Heels answer a few questions on her profession, to prep you perfectly for any Fashion Week to come.

Larissa is a blogger from Germany. we picked her for her unique and unconventional style; she absolutely stood out from the crowd, which made her the right gal for us. So, we decided to sit down to know a little bit more about how she became a blogger and what that’s like. Enjoy!

1. How did you go from being a psychologist to a stylist and a blogger?

I have always been interested in fashion, but since I have also always been a good student, I wanted to go to University and study something else I found interesting: Psychology. After I got my Masters degree, I worked as a psychologist for almost two years, but then I realized that I wanted to do something more creative. I was very young at that point and had recently lost a loved one; which was  the reason for me to do what I love rather than what I have studied for. Life is too short to stick to the rules; I wanted to explore the world (of fashion) and grow.

2. What is the thing you love most about your job? Blogging, personal shopping, styling or maybe something else?

I love the fact that every day is different. I get to work with all kinds of brands and all kinds of people on various projects, so it’s always challenging.

3. What do you think makes your style different?

I just wear what I love and try to give every outfit an edgy touch. I wouldn’t really know what my secret is. I’m kind of versatile, but I think it’s just my style in matching items and the way I wear them…This is usually a mixture of feminine and rough items, with the result being a sassy yet chic ensemble.

4. What is your biggest achievement in this career?

Last summer I designed my own T-shirt in collaboration with CoolCat. Also, I have worked with Glamour USA on an advertisement piece for Nine West. Those two collaborations were definitely the most rewarding so far.

5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a fashion blog?

Only start a blog if you really like it, not just ’cause everyone’s doing it. And when you’re blogging, blog about what you love. That’s the way to inspire others and it’s also the only way you’ll be able to keep up.