It’s a relatively new profession, but thousands of young men & women are achieving the long dreamt success, and in some cases international stardom. Many start off as a hobby and thanks to their skills turn it into a full-time profession. This is the case of Rebecca Laurey, Amsterdam-based fashion blogger and founder of Raspberry Rouge. We approached her after seeing her vibrant and inspirational Instagram account. We asked her to take us through her day and, let us just say, it looks like a sweet life!


08.30: Waking up with an espresso in bed. My man always brings me one before I get up…definitely my morning ritual.

10.00: I’m not big on early morning breakfasts, so whenever I can, I wait until at least 10am to eat my porridge or eggs with some fresh orange juice.


11.00: I might just be Instagramming. Europe is definitely awake, so loads of people will see my pics of Amsterdam by now.

12.00: Probably gazing out of the window dreaming of a holiday. I love wearing not much more than denim cut-offs and a bikini.


14.00: Lunchtime! Because I have late breakfasts, I usually have late lunches too. And I love going out for this meal, so you might catch me at the local brunch spot.

15.00: Grabbing flowers on my way back home. I love flowers, I guess it’s a blogger thing ’cause Instagram seems to like it a whole lot too!


18.00: Texting my friends who mostly just finished work. Thinking of outfits for the weekend, discussing presents for that birthday party on Friday or whatever is bugging us.

19.00: Finishing up work if I can, off to do some grocery shopping. I love cooking at home!

After that: Crashing on the couch with my man and a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s or meeting my girlfriends for a glass of wine or two.